A Criminology Major is becoming one of the hottest college choices in America during the last decade. Many people do not have a real understanding of what a Criminology Major truly encompasses. It is often confused with forensics or crime scene evaluations but a Criminology Major actually delves into the psychological and sociological impact of crime before, during, and after a crime has been committed. This major is perfect for any student who desires to serve the public good and possesses a deep curiosity about the way the human mind works.

Lockup a Criminology Major Today!The earliest criminologists and the first people to explore the criminal mind in general were criminal psychologists and sociologists. Many of the first people who found themselves studying criminals did so with only academic training - very little of which was devoted to crime. Deviant behavior is one thing, but the criminal mind is complex and goes beyond deviance. In recent years, colleges have developed a true Criminology Major that exposes a student to the law enforcement side of the equation as well. Students are no longer just Sociology Majors who are thrust into studying the seedier underbelly of society but are specifically trained through advanced courses not only in Sociology but also in Criminology and Criminal Justice.

A Criminology Major studies the behavior of criminals, the cause of crime, and the effect of crime on an individual and society. It is through studying these types of behavioral patterns and effects that has led to the field of criminal profiling. The long-term goal of Criminology is to see how crime can be prevented before it is even committed. But, failing this, the secondary goal is to be able to effectively assist law enforcement in determining the characteristics and likelihood of a suspect actually being a criminal.

Any student considering a Criminology Major should have a strong mind and stomach. The best students have the ability to read and digest a mountain of research and case studies while hearing details and reading about crimes that may be some of the most shocking in the world. This major is not for the faint-of-heart. For those with a driving passion and ability to master the major, there are a wide variety of career opportunities. Many people think that specific training from a crime scene investigator college is needed, but really the skills are specific enough that most universities will provide the necessary chemistry, physics, biology and criminal justice courses necessary to pursue a career.

The job field is wide open for those who have completed a Criminology Major. Many people use a background in this field to enter law school. Others seek employment with the FBI or state and local law enforcement. Many people work in corrections as parole or probation officers. Others stay in the world of academia and pursue advanced degrees and continue to study the criminal mind for the benefit of all. A degree in Criminology can lead to an exciting and challenging career path. The Department of Labor lists this career path under sociologists and shows better than average growth during the next decade. With universities and colleges only now developing full-fledged Criminology Major paths either onsite or through Criminology Degrees online the future is bright for students who get in on the ground floor as quickly as possible.