Banner signs got you down? Trying to find the absolute perfect vinyl banner for your work? If that's the case, then you've probably looked into a few different types of vinyl banners, including something by the name of scrim vinyl banners. But, most of all, you're probably looking for something that is outdoor durable.

Why use scrim banners?

First of all, when you want banners that are outdoor durable, you need to definitely check into scrim banners. Scrim is extremely durable, perfect for the outdoors, and also great when you need something that won't tear. Have a small grocery? These types of banners are for you. Run a tattoo shop? Still perfect. Pet shop? Why not!

Second of all, this type of vinyl banners is very, very difficult to damage. Let's face it—silly teenagers and little kids like to hang on things they shouldn't. The last thing you need is something that can't take the abuse, which is why scrim banner signs take the cake as far as tear-resistance goes.

Bright, Vibrant Pictures

Not to mention the extremely bright, vibrant, great pictures that you get from scrim banners. Let's face it—nothing beats a great picture, especially when it's outdoor durable and going to last way longer than polyvinyl or mesh banners. Unfortunately, while poly does have a great printing quality, it doesn't last very long outside and is only meant to last about a month or so. Mesh banners last a lot longer, but unfortunately, their printing quality is less than amicable. Poly banners aren't worth it if you plan on advertising long-term. Mesh can be, but in order to get the bright-vibrant pictures that really draw customers, they have to not only be printed over a few times, but they also have to be printed with a much closer space between each ink particle. Needless to say, they're more expensive and time consuming for a company to print, which naturally means it'll be a bit more expensive for you.


Scrim banner signs are also better because they're great for all different sizes. For example, poly is best for extremely small banners as opposed to much, much larger ones.


These are all great reasons why you should take the time to check into scrim banners. They have better color, better size constraints, and to be frank, they're just a better deal and they're ten times as outdoor durable than other banner signs that are used outside! Can you think of a banner that is more outdoor durable?!