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Today we are going to find out if a dog is right for you. A dog is a great addition to you and your family. They provide security, comfort and companionship. They are a great bundle of fun, but you must really ask yourself, “Is a dog right for me”? So today we will talk about the benefits and questions you need to ask yourself when thinking about owning a pet.

 Benefits of a Dog

-          Provide safety and security

-          Dogs need exercise, they can motivate you to exercise more

-          Keep their owner(s) company, less likely to go through depression

-          Help kick bad habits (drugs, smoking, eating, etc.)

-          Lower stress at home

-          A dog Reflects who you are as a person

These are just some of the many different ways a dog can be beneficial to you and your family. It’s extremely important that you follow this guide and think about owning a dog.

Owning a Dog

I want you to try and visualize what it would be like owning a dog. Do you see a companion that sits around and watches TV with you? A friend that is energetic to go for a run at 5am? Or maybe a new puppy that you are trying to house train? I want you to keep this image in the back of your mind. A dog is a big responsibility and takes a lot of work if you want him/her to be the dog of your dreams. I am going to inform of what it really takes to own a dog.

Background of my dog

I want to give you a little story about how I managed to own a dog with the help of my parents. It was hard and time consuming but I wouldn’t trade the world for the times I spent with my dog. When I was 5 I met my future dog, “Lady”. I don’t remember much about her during this time but the last few years were memorable. Growing up, I found out there were many responsibilities when owning and caring for this dog. I would bath her, feed her, walk her, clean up after her, play with her, and love her. It was a very life changing thing that took some time for me and my family to get used to, but it was worth every second. I remember telling my mom, “But I just picked up the poop yesterday”. There were times where I wanted to play with friends, but I knew I needed to take care of my dog. It was important that I took care of her even when things arouse. She would sit and bark at me until I would take her for a walk and I thank her for helping me get off my butt. It was later on in her life that I really understood how much she meant to me. She recently passed away at the age of 16. Every time I see a picture of her I just want to hold her and take her for a walk. She changed my life; she was a major contribution to who I am today.

What are you looking for in a dog?

You need to decide on a dog that can fit into your lifestyle. If you are someone who is never home and always on vacation or at work, you should really think about if a dog can fit into your schedule. If you aren’t home is there someone you can count on to always watch the dog? Are you a lazier person? If so, you should find a dog that has a lazier personality. Are you an active person who doesn’t like sitting around? If so, you should find a dog that is always moving and running around. Do you want a dog for protection? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself when deciding if a dog is right for you.

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Personal Lifestyle and Home life

Can you commit enough of your time to caring for and playing with this animal? Do you have enough adequate room for the dog to run around? If you have kids or other pets will the dog fit into this family comfortably? If you live in an apartment or rental are there any restrictions to an animal?

Financial Issues

Buying your pet is the first step. You then have to factor in veterinary visits, food, grooming, toys, etc. These can be costly things that you should take into consideration. You don’t need an exact price value but really ask yourself, can I afford buying and then caring for a dog?

Bonding with the Dog

This is the main reason people adopt or buy a dog. They want to bring a dog into their life to try and enhance their way of living. Playing with a dog can bring a smile to your face and bring happiness to you or your family. Are you a lonely person looking for companion?

In Conclusion

It’s extremely important to make sure that you understand the potential setbacks to owning a dog. If you have any doubts about owning a dog you should truly consider if a dog is right for you. Similar to a child, a dog (especially a puppy) doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong. They must be carefully taught how to be a good dog. You must also support the dog with food, shelter, support, exercise and most importantly companionship. Owning a dog can be a very rewarding and fun experience for you and your family. A dog is more than a pet; they are a part of your family. They should be cared and loved for just like everyone else.


Extra Questions

-Why do you want a dog?

-How can you benefit from a dog?

-Can you afford a dog?

-Does your lifestyle have room for a dog?

-Willing to deal with messes that the dog creates?

-Take a great amount of time training the dog?

-Spend more time than required loving, buying, and caring for your dog?