Whether it is a little in your coffee, your favourite diet soda or any number of sugar free baking products, aspartame has quickly become on the most common ingredients in any in our modern diets. It is a chemical alternative to the traditional refined brown or white sugar. It gives a sweet taste without the extra caloric intake, and is also become a popular additive in the diets of diabetics because it doesn't affect blood sugars in the same way traditional sugars do. So being that it is a man made chemical that we are frequently digesting, it begs the question is aspartame safe for regular use?

Aspartame has been approved as safe for human consumption since 1981 by the Food and Drugs Act in Canada, before which time extensive toxicological studies were done on animals and since it has been approved for humans many clinical studies have been completed to observe the effects on human subjects. According to similar studies done by the Scientific Committee for Food of the European Community, the Joint Expert Committee on Food of the United Nations and the World Health Organization have all found it to be safe for human consumption within certain guidelines.

Can I consume too much?

According to studies done by the aforementioned organizations and acceptable daily intake of 40 mg per kg of body weight has been agreed upon. Since aspartame was approved in 1981 various studies have been completed to report on the average use of aspartame in different countries all over the world. It was found conclusively that consumption in almost all cases was well below the recommended daily intake that has been established as safe. Even in rare cases where people have been observed as consuming more than the recommended daily allowance no harmful effects were reported.

Is it safe for everyone?

According to the current data aspartame can be consumed safely by all healthy individuals. It has been reported as a risk to individuals who suffer from a metabolic disorder called phenylketonuria.

How does it affect Diabetics?

After multiple studies have been conducted it was found that regular doses of aspartame over long periods of time effected neither blood sugar or insulin levels and bore no notable side effects on Diabetic subjects.

In recent years aspartame has been the subject of accusations of causing cancer, blindness, lupus, seizures and allergic reactions of all sorts. All of which at this point cannot be substantiated by medical evidence. Learn more about aspartame in these articles