While it is not so uncommon to discover a wealth of well-written articles that pertain directly to making money on eHow, there has been a simultaneous exodus of some of this platform's most dedicated, long-term, and passionate members for a variety of reasons. The uncertainty surrounding such website elements as clear established guidelines and payment allocation, coupled with their poor customer service and glitch-ridden article submission/revenue sharing platform, make eHow a significant liability to freelance writers. Whether these writers are new to eHow, or have been writing passionately since this platform's emergence, recent experiences have caused me to become skeptical and, in fact, worried for those who are contemplating investing a significant amount of time and effort into writing and providing content to them.

Clearly eHow did something right, however, since its officially launching in March of 1999, that was worthy of its scaling the website rankings to where it boisterously mingles with such internet superpower elites as Faebook, MySpace, Craigslist, and Amazon. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, eHow appears to have lost their focus of providing a quality platform of community and support to the very users who have made eHow what it is, and has become, for all those years. While my own personal experiences alone could serve as a warning against eHow, one has only to explore the surface of their user feedback forum in order to gain insight into the mostrosity of user disgruntlement spurred by a plethora of bugs, glitches, and faulty customer service, at best.

At this time, either you are rolling your eyes at my suppose conjecture, or you are vigorously nodding in agreement. Rather than convey myself as a seemingly disgruntled, former longterm eHow freelance writer, my goal with this article is not to sabotage eHow, but rather, to shed light on my own personal experience (and, the noted experiences of others) in order to serve as a warning of sorts. Perhaps you have made thousands of dollars while utilizing eHow to the extreme, and in that case, I am extremely happy for you. Unfortunately, while no platform is, or ever will be perfect, there has been a massive conversion of eHow membership that have feelings that are similarly parralel to my own feelings of eHow neglect and abuse.

Perhaps they are frauds operating under the complete veil of secrecy that the internet offers, however, my heart can't help but go out to fellow freelance writers who have invested a significant amount of time and effort into the eHow platform, only to find that their well-written articles have fallen prey to yet another round of massive website-wide 'article sweeps'. While I have never been so lucky as to have my hard-work completely eliminated from the face of eHow (or any platform, for that matter), I would deem eHow, shady at best, when they blatantly disregard their own members by operating under unclear guidelines, only to delete a mass array of articles with little to no feedback.

Even as SPAM is clearly an everpresent force requiring eHow's constant proactive consideration, lengthy detailed posts, by users in their feedback forum, paint a picture of sheer cruelty and disregard for these same users. On one occasion, I can recall a long term eHow user detailing how frustrated she was after a recent round of 'article sweeps' claimed upwards of sixty of her well-written articles. With a plethora of platform glitches, it is hard to tell whether these deletions occured as the result of some internal error, or 'glitch', or were the result of a deliberate website-wide onslaught of deletions in order to safeguard quality. In either case, it was a drastic combination of unclear guidelines, and nearly inexistent user feedback, that caused me to deem the eHow platform a liability to those freelance writers who are truly serious about forming a longterm relationship with any online website platform.

To conclude this article, I would encourage you to post a comment regarding your experience with the eHow platform. Has your user experience been a positive one? Has eHow presented you with an unearthly wealth of glitches and bugs? Did you find Info Barrel as a result of your continued escalation of frustration with eHow?

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