Is inTenSeconds a Scam? Can you make money Writing for inTenSeconds

It is amazing to see the amount of sites out there offering writing for upfront payment. You have the usual suspects like textbroker, constant content etc. A while back I came across "mylot", and a lot of people said you can make some money posting and answering questions on the site. However, most people's complaint is that you have to spend hours before you make money. Some of the users at mylot gave up after spending hours and months trying to reach the minimum payout limit of $10.

intensecondsinTenSeconds is fairly new and from what I can see, you don't have to spend hours posting and writing. However, I have seen that the payment is not going to make you a millionaire. The site works different from the other sites I have seen to date. You are given a list of categories and subjects. You will have to ask a question and provide an answer to your question. You upload your question and answer and wait to be paid. That is all there is to it.

At the moment, the turn around time is quite quick. You know if you post is accepted and how much you are paid. Who knows what will happen when you start getting thousands of users writing for intenseconds. You might start getting back logs like more popular site like constant content.

How much money can you earn writing for intenseconds?

This is the most important part for most of. Intenseconds doesn't tell you how much you will be paid. You only figure that out once you have posted a question and answer. In my experience, the pay ranges from $0.01 to $0.10 (I have never received anything more than $0.10). I also noticed that they tend to pay you less if you make spelling or grammar mistakes. Until now, I have never had a posted question and answer rejected.

Is it worth your time writing for Intenseconds?

Well, in order to be able to answer that question, you need to know how much time you put into your questions and answers' post. For example, I have been able to write a question and answer in less than 5 minutes. That will be about 12 posts per hour. That will give you about $1.20 for an hour's work. That will be $36 per month.

Now, let me burst your bubble. It is going to be difficult to come up with unique questions and answers every time. Furthermore, you might make spelling or grammar mistakes whilst you rush to earn more money.

Another issue with intenseconds is that you are not allowed to post question and answer(one liners) in the usual format:


What is Infobarrel?


Infobarrel is a content publishing site that shares adsense revenue with publishers.

Intenseconds requires a minimum of 3 to 4 sentences for your question and 5-7 sentences for the answer.



A lot of freelance writers are looking to make money online. There are a lot of sites to choose from and that can be a little daunting. There is a fast growing site called Infobarrel. What is Infobarrel? (4 sentences)


Infobarrel is a content publishing site that shares adsense revenue with publishers. That implies that you get 70 percent of the revenue generated by the ads placed against your content. You own the rights to your content. Your content must be unique and not copied from another site. The admins are always willing to help if you have questions. You must write hundreds of articles if you want to make money. (6 sentences)

Is intenseconds a Scam?

Well, if you are getting paid, it is not a scam. In my opinion, it is better than mylot because you don't have to spend hours replying to posts. It is easier to reach payout with intenseconds than mylot. Unlike mylot, intenseconds is not a forum and those who enjoy spending hours on forums might not enjoy the experience.