When you look around infobarrel, are you jealous of everyone making loads of money whilst you sit on the sidelines, wondering what you did wrong?

What went wrong? NOTHING.

Infobarrel is a great website but it certainly takes a bit of practise to start earning some bucks! If you think you can be earning more than what you are now, then READ ON.

Here's what you can do to MAXIMIZE your infobarrel profits!

1) Make sure you already hooked up your google adsense!

2) Make sure you are already earning money from adsense, even if its pittens!

Have you completed the above so far? Move onto the next section.

1) How many articles have you written?
If the answer is less than 10, then you have some way to go.
If the answer is around 50, then you are well on the way.

2) If you need more articles, set yourself a goal everyday.
It's not realistic to type out 50 articles a day, it's just impossible! So instead, just write maybe 1 or 2 a day. Before you know it, you will have an army of articles!

3) Infobarrel showing your articles?
Make sure they are - are they long enough? They must be 400 words long to make it onto the index. Make sure they're being accepted and not denied too, simple rule!

4) Make relevent articles!
No one wants to read about your life or some weird way to grow corn crops, try picking something popular and hype it up. The more articles you write about a popular topic, the more chance they'll see your articles!

5) Find an obscure niche to exploit
Has no one talked about kettles and pots yet? Go for it! Just search for your own favourite little niche and write up the infobarrel article asap!

Have you done all the above, but still not earning a decent amount from infobarrel?

1) Quantity, baby!
You need perhaps 100 articles, perhaps even up to 500 articles, to start earning a good lump of money from infobarrel. Your best bet is to just keep going at it and dont give up! This is where EVERYONE usually gives up! You can beat this.

2) Quality!
If you're producing bad quality articles, then you're wasting both time and money. You should just write useful articles and publish them on infobarrel, to earn money through adsense.

3) Add friends on Infobarrel
Friends will check out your articles, help you around the website and do alot more for you then you would first imagine. Infobarrel is so far a great, fresh community to be a part of.

Keep on writing!