Finding employment in Eugene

It is difficult

      Planning that big move?  Trying to figure out where to go?  Oregon is a popular choice and you might have heard of how super-awesome the city of Eugene is.  Well The purpose of this article is to give you an idea of how your experience may be. 

     First and foremost, make sure you plan very well ahead of time.  Many people go into Eugene with a great resume, a great job history, and a perfect attendance record, and in my case, a perfect interview record.  In my entire career I have never called in sick once, and I almost always advance to management within the company.  I have never gone to an interview without getting the job.  I have never looked for a job for longer than a week.  I came to Eugene, money in hand, ready to sign on an apartment.  And I assumed finding a job wouldn't be much (if any) harder than getting one back in Boise.

     I.  Was.  Wrong.

     First of all let me be clear, I'm not here to bash on Eugene as a whole.  The town and community is everything I'd dreamed it would be.  It is a beautiful town with a lot to see.  The people are great and I rarely met someone that was rude or genuinely mean.  Everyone was always happy to strike up a conversation and grab your number.  Eager to make new friends.  But employment.. that is a different story.

     I have an extraordinary resume in my field which has generally consisted of food-service and retail.  I stayed at one company in Boise for over 5 years and was a manager with them for 3 of those years.  I never called in sick, and at one point I was working as a manger at said company, while assistant managing at a sandwich shop.  My most recent job was at a convenience store, where I had worked over a year in a half, also hadn't ever called in sick, and was in line for management.  I felt like getting a little part time job at a burger joint would be a fairly easy feat.  Once again.. I was wrong.

     Every job I applied for in Eugene had dozens of other applicants applying for the same position.  They would call me in for an interview, and I would ace it as always.. and never get a call back.  Despite my obviously being qualified for the job.  It almost seemed as though they were bias against me because I was from another state.  Some companies would call me in for interviews, or have scheduled "open interviews" and then after dressing in my fly business casual wear, and acing the interview, would inform me that they do "open interviews" every week, and they aren't currently hiring. (oy vey! what a waste of time!) Another unforseen setback; every place, (yes fast food joints) require a resume, (which I was obliged to provide).

     In addition to this overly-frustrating process, and the inability to get even the most entry-level (first job-) jobs.. it was also discouraging that around every corner and at every parking lot there is usually at least one person, asking you for change.. or a cigarette.  I have no problem sparing some change or a cigarette when I have some.. but it doesn't exactly keep me possitive, nor help.

     If this is your first time moving out of state, be aware, the apartments will probably make you try to pay for a "second deposit" if you haven't lived there for 6 months.  And while in my home state, apartment complexes would just give you your mail key, you have to pay 40 dollars to retrieve it in oregon.  Be ready for such additional fees, which were definitely a drag.

     In conclusion, the job market in Eugene is horrible, and they seem to ignore your qualifications if you are not a long term resident.  It was without a doubt the hardest job search I've ever been on.  At the time of my writing this article, I still have never found a job in Eugene.  Not even flipping burgers.  If you wish to move to Eugene it will most definitely be an enjoyable experience.  But not for long.  Not unless you have a job lined up already, or you have a crazy amount of money saved.