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Easy to join.

Hassle free

Has the potential for your earnings to be limitless


Earnings may be small

Minimum payout may be high

May take a long time to earn enough for a payout

Can seem a lot of work for very little effort

Full Review

Many content writing review sites, such as HubPages and InfoBarrel, pay their members through affiliated earnings. Is it possible to make real money though?

As I am very new to InfoBarrel I have yet to see what earnings this great writing site will bring. However, I have now been writing on HubPages for around 6 months and so I feel that I can share my earning experiences with that website.

Since joining Hub Pages I have become familiar with the term affiliate and what it means. Previously I had no idea at all. As an older Internet user much of today's technology is new to me but I enjoy learning new things and keeping up to date with all things computer related. Here is what I have learned regarding affiliate earnings.

Firstly, let me say that it is easy becoming an affiliate. However sites such as E Bay are getting choosy over who can become an affiliate and it would seem that, in common with other sites, affiliate days at E Bay may be numbered.

This means that most people opt for :-

  • Google
  • Kontera
  • Amazon

I do not have a long standing past experience with these sites, on which to base my judgments just the past 6 months. I have read much that has been written by fellow bloggers, and the like, who have hoped to make money by advertising and this knowledge has been useful.

To date Google Ads has been the only successful money making venture for me. After a meagre start, the money I am making at Google Ads, keeps steadily increasing and this would seem to be the norm. Of course this means that you need to be patient and keep writing in order to reap the rewards.

This is true of other sites though, who pay upfront payments. offers writers the potential to make good regular income but writers need to invest time and energy initially, in order to benefit in the long run. Write well and often and the earnings will come.

Kontera has to date been uneventful. With a mere few cents in the kitty it would seem that Kontera will not be worth the effort. I have decided to give this affiliate program till the end of the year and then make an informed judgment. If the rewards are still as poor, the advertising will be no more. After all, in effect, Kontera are getting free advertising if it is not profitable at all for its publishers.

Finally, I have to say that Amazon has been disappointing. As a great site to buy from, I had thought being an affiliate here would be profitable. However, with what seems the potential to make good earnings, Amazon has fallen flat. Here money is made by paying a percentage of the price, of any items ordered through your links. At time of writing my sum total, for about four months of Amazon advertising, is £1.28. Again I am taking a wait and see approach and will reassess later in the year.

In Closing

If you are a writer who can get a lot of Internet trafic to your writing the rewards will be greater. This may be via backlinks or simply by telling the world about what you have written on Facebook and,or, Twitter. Perhaps you need to start a Blog in order to advertise your wares, so to speak.

InfoBarre,l I believe, has additional advertising, which I have yet to decide about. Too many adverts can swamp your writing and spoil the whole visual effect.

I do envisage though that the only affiliate settings I will be displaying will be Google Ads. Check out the websites above to decide if it may be worth becoming an affiliate and advertising for the above companies on your blog and the like. You will find the joining process very easy. In fact much easier than the money making process is for an affiliate.