When you consider that most people spend approximately one third of their lives on their mattress, it would make sense to take time when researching for a new mattress. The writer of this article presents information on Novaform mattresses.

Novaform mattresses are cheaper than other brands of the same quality

Anyone researching memory foam mattresses must know that Novaform mattresses are substantially cheaper than other memory foam mattresses on the market, this may lead them to the conclusion that they are of inferior quality. However this is really not the case. They are on par with other memory foam mattresses, and besides costing you less, they'll give you are very restful sleep. Novaform mattresses are made with memory foam, foam that will conform to the shape of your body, relieving you of some pressure that you would feel, if you would sleep on a conventional mattress. As you move about in your sleep, the foam conforms to your new sleeping position. They are made by Sleep Innovations, a company that also makes two other major brands of mattresses.

Memory foam has been around for thirty years

NASA developed memory foam; they used it extensively to provide more cushioning in their spacecrafts. NASA then released it to the public in the 1980's, and it got used in a variety of products, from helmets to x-ray tables, but some of the biggest benefits, was for bedridden patients in hospitals. It proved to slow down the development of bed sores on patients when they used it in beds and wheel chairs. When it first arrived on the market, it was expensive because of the expensive manufacturing costs. However, with time, prices have dropped to where Novaform mattresses and other brands of memory foam mattresses have become affordable to most people.

What can you expect to pay?

Of all the different lines of Novaform mattress, the most recent line is Novaform Pure Comfort Mattress. This line is available in several sizes; The King mattress, The Queen mattress; The Twin, and Standard size mattresses. They are 12 inches thick, the top 3 inches are made with memory foam, and the other 9 inches are the foundation base layer of the mattress. The whole mattress is covered with a cotton-polyester stretch knit cloth. Depending on the size, a novaform mattress typically costs somewhere between $550 and $800.

A Cheaper Alternative to Buying a New Mattress.

The same Company also manufactures memory foam mattress toppers. These are an excellent alternative option for people who cannot afford a new mattress, or whose present mattress is still reasonably new. They will be able to gain all the benefits of a memory foam mattress for only a fraction of the price. These memory foam mattress toppers are placed on top of your current mattress, and will still give you a good night's rest.

A mattress give same benefits as Latex mattresses.

Until recently latex mattresses have been popular for their hypo-allergic and anti-bacterial properties. But now memory foam mattresses will give you the same benefits, as well as offering you a better sleep at night. However, if you are still interested in purchasing a latex mattress these are easily available at most mattress warehouses or shops.

Mattresses are compressed for easy delivery

On delivery the Novaform Pure Comfort Mattress comes compressed as this makes for less bulk. All that needs to be done is to take the mattress to the place you intend set it up and remove the surrounding packaging. Allow some time for the Mattress to expand, and then prepare yourself for a good night's sleep.