K12 online school is not your typical schooling program or even your average alternative school set up. There are no classrooms to go to, no periods to race to and no worries about school yard bullying or whether or not you have the latest fashions hanging in your closet. K12 is an online educational program that works with your child's schedule, your child's learning and studying pace .

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What does the K12 Online School Program Offer

Above average online learning is offered through the K12 program. The program offers flexible learning schedules for households where time constraints or restrictions on a day to day basis interfere with normal in class schooling. It also provides extreme online support for students should there be any questions or difficulties with subjects or homework, much like (if not better than) you would get from a teacher inside a classroom.

Laptops or computers are offered to qualifying students so no need to stress over the financial hassles of purchasing one if you can not afford it.

How to Find Out if K12 online school is offered in your area

The main website will offer an easily accessible list of states and cities to choose from. Once you select the one that is closest to your location, a list of schools that support and utilize the k12 online school services will be brought up. All that is left for you to do is to search through and see if your child's school is on that list. If a school in a nearby district is listed you can possibly talk to your school about a transfer or call k12 to find out how you can go about getting your child enrolled in this online school program in your area.

Who Can Go To K12 Online School and What Types of Kids or Students is it Designed for?

Anyone can qualify for online schooling through K12. It is designed for students with a broad range of educational needs and hang ups.

The program is great for students who struggle inside a normal classroom because of the pace, learning level, learning disabilities, teaching level or even those that find themselves bored or inattentive in the classroom.

The program on the other hand is equally great for students who are advanced in their educational level and abilities and seek a faster - work your own pace style of learning.

Deciding if the K12 Online School is Right for Your Child(ren)

If K12 online schools program is available in your area and you struggle with whether or not it is the right choice here are a few things to consider:

1) would your child benefit from being able to work at a faster or slower pace

2) does your child currently suffer from harassment or other activities that keep them from wanting to go to school and can interfere with learning?

3) would you like to be more involved in your child's schooling?

4) does your child having special needs where learning is involved that require a different approach than the typical classroom setting?

There can be a number of considerations to look at when making this choice and what is above is just a few of the reasons that the K12 Online school may be a better educational option for your student aged child.

A School outside of School - Absolutely!

With an online school program such as this there is no more fighting your child to get up in the morning for fear of them missing school or missing the bus. They never (unless instructed by the parents) even have to crawl out of their pajama's. All that is required is that they log into the k12 online school system daily and complete assignments as required.

Teacher and instructor support is still available to your child making this just as beneficial as having a teacher on hand. This program offers phone support or chat live via webcam with the professionals that are there waiting to assist your child with any learning needs or questions that may arise.

Another perk is that your child may be able to do only part time online schooling for subjects that they struggle with. If desired this internet based education program is set up so that your child can attend some classes on campus and others off.

Field Trips, Graduation and Special Events

Graduating Class

For students who attend K12 online school, they are still considered registered as a part of the local school district so will have the opportunity to take trips alongside others who attend the public school setting. If you decide to enroll your child in online classes talk to them about what it takes to ensure your child does not miss out on special trips and events that are held by the school for their grade levels.

Graduation is a factor for most parents - we all want to see our child graduate with their class as we've watched growing up. K12 gives your child the opportunity to don their hat and gown with the rest of their class when they graduate.

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