Marriage counseling can be helpful, but it is not the answer alone to solving marriage problems. If a couple is looking for counseling to save the marriage itself, then it's not going to happen. A marriage can't be saved, if the two people in it aren't willing to sacrifice to save it. It will always come down to the two people involved in the marriage.

Marriage is a partnership, where the two couples share their entire lives with one another. They share their emotions, their possessions, their problems and pleasures. If the two people involved can't handle that, then there is nothing that will save the relationship. Both partners have to commit to one another. Both people have to be capable of giving to one another, instead of just taking. Marriage problems can be common, but it will always take two to tango to solve them. A marriage shouldn't be about which partner is right, and which one is wrong. Together it fails, or succeeds.

So what is marriage counseling good for? Marriage counseling can help make each person more aware of the problems that are happening in the marriage. Most problems tend to happen when the communication becomes a problem. That tends to happen quite often, but that is not always the problem in itself. Sometimes a couple just truly can't stand living with one another, and there is not cure for that. Counseling just helps each person try to take responsibility for what is happening. It also helps each couple recognize what the other is feeling a little better. When communication becomes a problem, both people involved might not always truly understand what the other feels. That is where marriage counseling can help.

Sacrifice is needed for marriage counseling to be helpful. Remember, counseling can only help make you and your partner try to accept responsibility, along with recognizing the problems at hand. Sacrifice from one another, along with commitment is still needed from both of you. I think part of why counseling fails, because each person has in mind for the other person to take all the responsibility, and deny any of it themselves. It then becomes a situation where one partner tries to get the better of the other. The wrong mentality in a relationship destroys it. Be willing to sacrifice and accept responsibility yourself. It doesn't matter who is more right, or who is more wrong. Together the relationship is failing, and both partner are responsible. Saving the marriage should be more important than damaged ego.

Learning to forgive and accept is crucial in a marriage. Sometimes we can be too hard on people. We expect too much, and we hold onto grudges too often. We become too demanding and that causes a lot of problems in our lives and interactions with people. To have a healthy marriage, sometimes you must let go a little bit. You have to learn when you are going over board, and thinking too much about yourself, instead what your partner is feeling. Grudges and not being able to forgive helps kill a marriage. Allow people to learn and grow it needed.

Marriage counseling is a good thing, I believe that. It's good in helping two lost people who do love one another, get back on the right path. It can't be looked at the one thing only that will save a relationship. The only thing that can save a marriage is the two people in it. Marriage counseling can just be helpful.