Is our local, state and federal government spending wisely

The answer is a simple no and I believe we can all agree on that. when was the last time you paid $90 for a toilet seat. But that problem is supposed to be taken care of. Right!

There is another waste that I have observed in the news that troubles me. Why are we spending so much money investigating what we already know. Every time a white collar crime is committed the government spends millions of dollars on the trial. then they follow that up with an investigation that cost millions more. When the results are in we see a small mention in the paper and it is put away until the next time. Do we really need to know why someone did what they did. then send them to a mental institution and let the doctors there work it out.

The balloon incident is a good example. okay the determined it was a hoax, the kid is fine, charge them or not and go on. But no we have to investigate what they did, then maybe we will charge them and then only give them a swat on the hand and a promise to not do it again. yet we spent a million dollars just to determine that is what we are going to do.

The largest corporations in America, with many having foreign ownership, have to be given billions of tax payer dollars to bail them out because they are too big to fail. The money was supposed to be a loan and the tax payer was going to reap a return from the interest on the loan. Has anyone seen any news about the millions the tax payers were going to get I haven't?

There is reportedly sufficient oil supplies in the United States to meet the demand for gas. There are companies building refineries to make gas from renewable crops. yet we are still dependant on foreign oil, Why? If the price of gas at the pump were to go below $2.00 a gallon the economy would flourish.

Think back to the disaster of the hurricane Katrina. There was no damage done from the storm but it was anticipated so the oil companies raised the price of gas in one fall sweep. Every time after that when ever a crisis threatened the price jumped again. If the price per barrel rose $.20 the price per gallon rose $.25. when the price per barrel fell off by $.20 the price per gallon fell $.02.

When the traders on the floor of the NYSE were asked why the price stayed high they answered, "Speculation". So between the stock dealers and the oil companies the public is given the shaft. where is the bail out for the American public.

Maybe it is time that the government reinstated the monopoly laws to control prices, they want to control the salaries of the CEO's, why not control the oil, gas and other utilities.

Have you looked at your phone bill to see all the service charges they impose, or your water bill that now has a tax on the bill for the sewer water that comes from the rain that goes through the system, or the fee for the community dump which I am charged to use when I take trash to it as well.

Then you have the cable companies in the small towns and cities where there is but one service available and when they give poor service they are rewarded with an increase in rates.

To take back control of our government begins with a grass root effort in every city,town, village and hamlet. Start to ask questions and demand a full explanation in there answers.