When  the words retirement and senior living are referred to people can conjure up many images and some aren't very pleasant.  Lets face it there are things about retirement that people expect and work towards their whole life.

The freedom, the relaxation, and possibly travel. And for some people that  is just how it goes. But for some it isn't.  Age affects people differently. Maybe your dream was to stay in your own home forever, working in the garden and mowing your own lawn.

  But people fall and break hips.  Their eyesight  isn't what it once was and the yard is getting out of hand,  and vegetables don't pick themselves.

Why not look at an alternative.  Retirement home living is a great option. You will be pleasantly surprised at all that they offer.  Most have a family type setting and a homey atmosphere. There are comfortable common areas, places to talk and spend time  if you choose to and  without  all the upkeep and the loneliness. You'll be spending your time enjoying adult companionship.

I can understand your reservation about selling your home and a lot of your things and leaving the place you have lived for probably a very long time. But why not spend the time that you are still healthy enough to enjoy yourself being with people your age.  Socializing and enjoying the company of others.

Your adult children want to do what is in your best interest. They want you to enjoy your senior years without worrying about you. Maybe they don't live close enough to check on your daily and feel that retirement living will give you a great place to live and them some peace of mind.

Making this kind of decision should be a mutual thing. Discuss all the pros and cons. Be honest with yourself about realistically  remaining in your home alone. Think of the things that could burden you or become too difficult for you to do for yourself.   Why not look into retirement living where everything for you is done and you just get to sit back and enjoy life.