Is someone in your house a child molester?

Did you know that there are 400,000 registered sex offenders in the United States and that an estimated 80,000 to 100,000 of them are missing? They are missing and no one knows where they are. Here are some quick facts:


  • According to Dr Gene Abel between 1% and 5% of the population molest children.
  • According to Dr Mace Knapp, a prison psychologist, the serial killer has the same personality characteristics as the sex offender against children.
  • Chronic offenders often display signs of antisocial behaviour as early as two and three.
  • Molestation is one of the most under-reported crimes.


The impact of molestation

How does molestation get started? It is a one-word answer: surreptitiously. It could begin with an innocent bit of child play between father and daughter where he chases her around the room and she squeals with laughter. Then one day the game takes a turn. Mommy is not home. Come and sit on daddy’s lap, he says. She feels uncomfortable. No, daddy, I don’t want to. Daddy let go because mommy is home. The next time the child is not so lucky. He picks her up and takes her into the bedroom when Mommy leaves for exercise classes and they are alone. He touches her and takes off her clothes. She is defenceless, naked, and in shock. She screams but he has his hand over her mouth. When she breaks free and manages to escape she runs right into her mother’s arms at the front door; she cannot get out a word of what had just happened. Don’t tell mommy, he says. She keeps her father’s secret until one day she herself hurts a child.


Grim consequences

Molestation is not about the physical aspects only; it is about emotional theft and stealing a childhood. What makes molestation a particularly evil act is that the victimized is an adult who is compromising his own child. Who does that? Who can hurt a child and your own child at that?  And what does one do? If you suspect someone in the family has raped a child, do you keep quiet because it is family member or do you report it? It is a hard question to answer because there are loyalties, but unless we stop scraping it under the carpet hoping it goes away we will forever live in a dysfunctional environment and be a breeding ground for hopeless souls. Child molesters should live with the guilt of their actions. If you did the crime you pay the time. When it comes to young children being hurt there is no second chance.