So which is the king of the Sports Cameras?

JCamone InfinityCredit: Camoneust released is the new Sports Camera from CamOne, makers of micro cameras for use in surveillance, on model aircraft and extreme sports.

It boasts a very similar form-factor (shape) to the ubiquitous king of the 1080p camcorder market GoPro camera, but with a number of significant and potentially game changing features.

Firstly, both the camera and the water proof case come with a standard tripod thread, an obvious omission from the GoPro cameras where you have to spend an extra $15 on a tripod adaptor.

Secondly, it comes with an integral LCD screen, something that is a $70 add-on for the GoPro, this has its pros and cons though as we’ll see later.

Finally, instead of just two buttons, the Cam One Infinity has five, clearly designed to assist with using the playback facility without having to scroll through endless menus.

Actually that isn’t all.

The CamOne also has the added feature of interchangeable lenses, while the camera comes with the now standard on action sports cameras, 170 degree lens, the makers are promising 142 and 96 degree lenses as an aftermarket option, considerably increasing the cameras versatility.

Talking about lenses, the CamOne Infinity doesn’t seem to suffer from the GoPro’s problem of blurred underwater shots as you can see in this video, just twisting the lens 90 degrees give a very good result making it an excellent waterproof video camera to take diving.

Cam One Infinity Waterproof Video Camera

A final significant detail is that the camera sports not just one SD card slot, but two, allowing up to 64gb of storage or 9 hours or recording time (battery life/power permitting of course...)

In the box the CamOne Infinity comes with large array of mounting options, an unlike the GoPro HD Hero 2 comes with both a handlebar and helmet mount, making it a good choice as a bike camera, as well as a variety of sticky pads and extension adaptors.

The folks at Acme the game company GmbH  have clearly studied the competition well, concluded that the blocky shape of the Go Pro was no barrier to its success and so shunning a sleeker bullet camera style. They have followed GoPro with a similar size, shape and weight. What they have done though is raised the game significantly in including additional features and improving on the GoPro major selling point: its flexibility.

So is it perfect?

Well no, the claimed battery life of 90 minutes will be for optimal conditions, and in reality record times are likely to be way less, especially if you use that LCD screen at all, that seems to be at odds with the ability to record 4.5 hours of footage to each 32gb SD card, although that capacity may well prove popular with video or time lapse uses who are happy to tether the camera to a power source, possibly as a surveillance or spy video camera.

That said the 5mp stills camera is less than half the resolution of the GoPro, so its popularity for photography is likely to be limited, clearly some compromises were made and this might be a deal breaker for some.

Of course what we really want to know is how the video quality stacks-up against the GoPro HD Hero2? These video will give you pretty good idea.

CamOne Infinity vs. GoPro HD HERO2

In Car Camera Comparison

CamOne Infinity vs. GoPro aboard RC plane

To my eyes as an in car camera the GoPro does edge it slightly, but there is definitely more “jello” (wobbling effect caused by the way the video picture is recorded) on the GoPro when used on the model aircraft. At the end of the day there isn’t a huge difference and it may just come down to personal taste and which camera offers the features you are looking for.

It has to be said though that in the CamOne Infinity, Acme are to be applauded for coming up with a product that provides GoPro with significant competition which can only be good for the consumer.

STOP PRESS - GoPro have released a group of three new cameras! The GoPro HD Hero 3!