christmas dinner pot noodleIs the Christmas Dinner Pot Noodle a Scam?

When the holiday season begin so does the need to start buying gifts and spending money you don't have. Well, manufacturers are preparing to make ends meet and make sure they make a killing in the name of Christmas. That is the reason why there is a new Christmas dinner pot noodle. This Christmas dinner pot noodle apparently taste like Christmas dinner. That of course beckons the question, what does a Christmas dinner taste like? There are many families that will be gathering to eat Christmas dinner and they don't all cook the same meal. Therefore, the Christmas dinner will not taste the same. So what is so special about the Christmas dinner pot noodle? The answer is simple; there is nothing special about the Christmas dinner pot noodle. The taste will be like most pot noodle out there. If you don't know what a pot noodle is, you obviously have never being single. That being said, the new Christmas dinner pot noodle is very ingenious and the marketing is also very clever.

Christmas dinner pot noodle In the name of the army

The manufacturers of the Christmas dinner pot noodle want you to buy the pot noodle dinner because they want to support the army. They will be donating part of the proceeds to service men so that they can call their families during the holiday seasons. This is a laudable cause but if you thing about the percentage they are giving away, you will realize that the least of their concern is the service men. You can also argue that the Christmas dinner pot noodle initiative is better than doing nothing. That might be true but that doesn't mean that the idea behind the Christmas dinner pot noodle is self serving.

Christmas dinner pot noodle: Should you buy

If you are thinking of inviting friends and family over for dinner during the holiday period you will want to do something that is more elaborate than just buying the Christmas dinner pot noodle. If you cannot cook and your friends and family already know that, they will probably bring along their own Christmas dinner or they will not bother to turn up. If they know all you are intending to serve is the Christmas dinner pot noodle, you will have hard time convincing them to show up. That being said, if you just want to stock up some emergency food for those days when you cannot be bother to cook, buying the Christmas dinner pot noodle can be worth it. Pot noodles are great to have when you are skint and you cannot be bothered to cook. The name of the pot noodle could either be Christmas dinner pot noodle or chicken and mushroom. It doesn't really matter.

Christmas dinner pot noodle: Is it a scam

The marketing surrounding the Christmas dinner pot noodle is a scam because of the reason behind the move. This is on a par with any other product that uses Charities or Christmas to promote their business. On the other hand, the Christmas dinner pot noodle is not a scam because the price you are paying for the pot noodle is not exorbitant and you are getting something in return for your money. That being said, it doesn't mean that you will be having a Christmas dinner by eating the content of the pot noodle.