Some people may believe that the death penalty is a good thing. It can have many disadvantages as well as advantages. Some of the advantages of the death penalty, is the deterrent to commit more crime or serious crimes. Some people do not understand the difference between right and wrong and because of this, can end up committing serious crimes such as murder. These people do not have any regard for the lives of others, nor their own, so to them the death penalty does not matter. For these people, and for the Justice system and the prison system, it is not a bad idea to have the death penalty. It will reduce the population in prison, and ultimately reward these individuals with what they really want out of life, and that is death.

The death penalty though, is not as humane as it once used to be. The death penalty is a primitive way of thinking to justify acts. Many parts of the world have eliminated the death penalty for these reasons and it is a good thing that they have done so. Many people that have found themselves in situations where they are facing the death penalty have sincere remorse for their actions. Some people who are facing the death penalty are not all serious hardened criminals. They have just found themselves in the wrong places and the wrong times and do not seriously want to die and want to be reformed, but just do not have the chance because they have never experienced any true forgiveness and love in their lives. If people were more open to rehabilitating individuals, rather than condemning them and abusing them by locking them up, the world would be a better place.

There is not much hope for people sitting in jail and it is not teaching them anything either. People need a chance to become educated on spiritual truths and love for individuals, but none of this is taught in jail, at least not outright. People that desire to change, should be given every opportunity to do so.

The death penalty is man's way of exacting justice and it is not always correct. The death penalty has proven to be faulty as it has taken the lives of many innocent people because of wrongful convictions and accusations. For this reason, the death penalty should be abolished. People who tend to be violent tend to get what they deserve. The law of the universe deals justly with these people in its own way. If you are violent you will attract violence. If you kill you will attract killers into your life and if you are meant to die, then you will die, this is just how the world works. Justice manifests itself according to the laws of the universe and man should not be able to determine these laws under his own volition, therefore the death penalty should be seen as immoral and primitive and not a good means of exacting justice in the world today as humanity has evolved and become much more liberated in it's thoughts and actions and can come up with better ways to handle and reform people who end up facing charges of murder.