Ipad 2(55254)

You Just Bought an Ipad and then Apple Comes Out With The Ipad 2...Now What?

Less Weight Means Improved Portability   

The IPad 2 has a much more comfortable feel in your hand. It has a sturdy case and is more symmetrical than the old IPad Tablet. The back of the IPad 2 is made of durable aluminum. Not only is it thinner than the IPad Tablet, it is also 15% lighter which makes it easy to grind out long projects or watch movies while standing. I know when I’m doing a project on the go I want to be using the most portable thing out on the market. Rather then dealing with a flash drive of e-mail address to get your project to your professor you can now bring you IPad 2 to class to give your presentation. That is why many college classes now require a Mac book or laptop. It is also one less item you have to worry about lugging around when bringing it to class or other events. The sleek design of the IPad 2 makes a great gift for any member of your family or friends.

The Need for Speed

The speed of the IPad 2 has also improved significantly and is twice as fast. That means web pages will load faster, apps will download quicker, and the overall flow of the IPad will improve. The IPad tablet was not much for electronic gaming but thanks to the new duel core A5 chip the IPad 2 has up to 9 times the graphic performance. This completely changes the aspects of the IPad 2 and almost changes it into a portable gaming device rather than just an app machine. This helps it to appeal to not only Apple fans but also PC gamers who are sick of their importable gaming PC. Although there have not yet been any major video games to come out for the IPad 2 I think that the new duel core will pave the way for a brand new aspect of apple video games. The IPad 2 is the one of the best pieces of electronics that you can rely on in terms of speed, quality, and overall functionality.

Two Cameras Better Than One

Another great feature of the IPad 2 is the front and rear facing cameras. The two cameras make face time much more interactive; not only can you see the person that you are talking to but you can also see what they are seeing. The front camera also shoots HD Video giving you the option of bringing your IPad rather then a camera to all of your upcoming events. Watching videos on the IPad 2 is also great because just like photos you can zoom in on any part of the screen. The IPad 2 is also compatible with cloud which allows you to access all of the documents on your Mac or PC. The IPad 2 makes a great gift for a family member who attending college. Not only for academic reason and for their social life but, is also great for face time with family.

Long Battery Life

The IPad Tablet had a 10 hour battery life but was limited in its features. They finally caught on to the problem and the new IPad 2 has everything from face time to HD T.V. Video mirroring while still maintaining its 10 hour battery life. This is perfect for those long road trips or even a quick trip to the beach. The IPad 2 is great for long business trips by airplane and once you arrive at your hotel is as easy to charge as your phone. It is also great for bring over to a friend’s house to watch a movie or go onto Facebook or Twitter. It is also great for blogging while on the go. It still possesses all of the song capabilities of the old IPad but now plays much better quality music videos. And if you get bored you can still use all of the apps that all of the other IPod Touches have. The IPad 2 combines all of the great portability of the IPod Touches but still maintains the aspect of a Mac book or laptop.

Smart Covers

One distinct aspect to the IPad 2 is its brand new smart cover which multitasks from everything from a protective screen to a kick stand. Rather than having to turn on the IPad 2, you now can turn it on by simply removing the smart cover; the IPad 2 than recognizes the removal of the cover and turns on instantly. The smart cover is made up of four different sections which fold of into the various kick stands. Not only is it compatible with the IPad 2 but it also it stylish and comes in 10 different color covers 5 of which are polyurethane and 5 in aniline dyed leather. With time the creators of the IPad 2 will come out with custom covers to promote your individual creativity. I personally love this aspect to the new IPad because propping the IPad Tablet on a book was no longer working for me. The smart cover gives you all of the advantages of a Mac book or laptop without the weight or bulk.

Connect to HD TV

Another great new feature is its video mirroring for both HD T.V.’S and Apple T.V.’S. This means you can share everything you are doing on the IPad 2 with your friends and family without having to crowd around a small IPad. Buying a movie on Itunes no longer limits you to the IPad or IPod in general. This gets rid of the need to buy DVDs. This is also a useful tool for both giving presentations in the classroom and at work. Not only can you make your presentation on the way to the business meeting but, you can also present it in a high quality format. Thanks to the new video mirroring feature you can now share face time with large groups of family members who live in other countries. The IPad 2 makes a great replacement for your old laptop or Mac and is also cheaper.