The Amazon Kindle is the best ebook reader on the market.  Loaded with features and once it is packed full of Amazon Kindle ebooks, this device will change your reading experience forever.  

With the new Kindle, Kindle Touch and Kindle Tough 3G having all come on the market, does the Kindle Keyboard 3G, or Kindle 3, still have its place? 

We all know the benefits of a Kindle are seemingly endless but see below for the highlights and links to the<img%20src=""%20width="1"%20height="1"%20border="0"%20alt=""%20style="border:none%20!important;%20margin:0px%20!important;" target="_blank">reviews and specifications for more details. 

Physical keyboard  Kindle KeyboardCredit:

Perhaps the most important feature that sets this model apart from its contemporaries is the Kindle 3 keyboard.  Having the keyboard constantly present makes it easy to take notes, search the dictionary, find passages in books and search the web.


The Kindle 3 incorporates the same 6" e-ink display as the newer Kindle and Kindle Touch.  This display reads like paper so it’s easy on the eyes, with no glare even in direct sunlight.

With no eye strain, and easier to read than ever before with a sharp typeface and contrast, you’ll be able to enjoy your Kindle anywhere you enjoyed your old hard copy or paper-back book. 

Light and portable   

At 1/3" thin this is one easy to hold, use and transport gadget - perfect for slipping into your bag or day pack.   

Just add Amazon Kindle Ebooks

The Kindle Keyboard has the capability to hold 3,500 books, PDFs and personal documents.

With many books priced from as low as $0.99 and more than 800,000 kindle ebooks priced at less than $9.99, including this season's best sellers, it is unlikely you will ever run out of books again.

It’s also worth mentioning the millions of free, out-of-copyright titles and thousands of free Kindle ebooks published daily through the Amazon store. With a free library like that at your finger tips, you may never have to visit a public library again.

Battery Life

One charge with the wireless-connection turned off will last up to two months, based on average use of reading it 30 minutes a day.  Battery life will of course vary depending on your amount of Wi-Fi usage, including shopping at the Kindle store, browsing the Internet and downloading new content – but this is definitely not an electronic device that needs charging very often.   

 Kindle 3G (Free 3G + Wi-Fi)

The Kindle 3G wireless reading device provides the most user-friendly set-up as it requires no connectivity install. In fact, you are ready to shop for, download and commence reading one of the millions of Kindle ebooks available right out of the box.    

The built-in free 3G connectivity uses the same wireless signals that cell phones use, but there are no monthly fees or contracts.  

The convenience of 3G allows you to download ebooks anytime and anywhere, without the need to find a Wi-Fi connection.

The experimental browser also allows you to check emails, Facebook or Twitter from the Kindle Keyboard 3G using a Wi-Fi hotspot, without having to pay a monthly service fee

Plus, with wireless coverage in more than 100 countries and territories, the Kindle 3G is a great option for travelers.    

As an added bonus, you can enjoy free Wi-Fi access at AT&T hotspots across the U.S. for shopping and downloading Kindle content — no AT&T registration, sign-in or password required. 

 Customize your device

The wide range of Kindle covers and Kindle accessories allow you to personalize your device to suit your personality. You can add the latest gel skins, leather covers, sleeves, designer covers or reading lights – the opportunities are almost endless.      

Kindle Keyboard 3G specificatons at a glance  

Connectivity - 3G and free Wi-Fi  

Products - download millions of books, magazines, newspapers, audiobooks, games and documents to get started today  Kindle 3(101315)Credit:

Web access - experimental browser

Display - 6" E-ink

Battery life - 2 months

Storage - up to 3,500 books

Dimensions - 7.5" x 4.8" x 0.34"

Weight - 8.7 ounces     

The reviews are in 

"Kindle's winning combination of noteworthy upgrades—an improved screen, better battery life, lighter weight, and lower price—vaults it to the top of the e-book reader category" CNET

With over 25,000 five star Kindle 3 reviews, join the thousands of customers saying things like:  "A+ following one year of use" and "I like the Kindle Keyboard. Perhaps I'm just a throwback but I don't always like a touch screen method." 

Where do I buy a Kindle?

Whether you prefer the new Kindle, the Kindle Touch or the Kindle Keyboard check out the Amazon store to compare prices and, thanks to speedy delivery and great customer service, you’ll soon be able to start enjoying the benefits of the modern age of reading.

The people have spoken. The Kindle is <img%20src=""%20width="1"%20height="1"%20border="0"%20alt=""%20style="border:none%20!important;%20margin:0px%20!important;" target="_blank">Amazon's number-one selling productand the best ebook reader on the market