When watching the Long Island Medium on cable’s TLC channel, many may wonder if the Long Island Medium, Teresa Caputo, is really real.

And for obvious reasons; here is a woman who is followed by a camera during a 30 minute episode in Hicksville, NY on frequent errands and family outings and then suddenly feels dead spirits around followed by the urge to jump into on the spot readings.

Teresa Caputo isn’t exactly the first psychic medium on TV who can purportedly talk to the dead; you’ll probably remember that John Edwards is probably one of the more famous TV psychic mediums. Lisa Williams also had a really good TV run as well when it came to psychics on popular TV shows.

Teresa Caputo - PsychicCredit: Bravo TV

What makes Teresa Caputo’s show different is because it’s obviously unscripted and a full fledged reality show, where as Edwards and Williams tyically were in front of audiences channeling.

It’s equally obvious that you don’t make up running into emotional people who’ve lost children and parents and getting details spot on about these dead relatives who want to come through on the other side. Imagine all the bad mojo and karma for those clients and Caputo herself, if she was to make this all up.

Captuo as an intuitive, who speaks to the dead, uses automatic writing. When she sits down with her clients you’ll notice that she’s scribbling in her notebook and drawing pictures. This is what is referred to as automatic writing and using her spirit guides to speak to her. In fact, many intuitives believe that most people are psychic on some level and automatic writing: writing a thing down without intellectual thought is a way for our guides and God to speak to us on a deeper level.

Teresa Caputo's Certifications – Proof of Her Mediumship Abilities

After some careful research, one of the most compelling certifications that prove Caputo’s abilities would have to be her certification with the Forever Family Foundation. FFF promotes families making connections with their relatives on the other side to facilitate a healthy grieving process. To the end, the FFF organization actually verifies mediums ability in communication with spirits. There are multiple sessions where mediums are scored by their ability to accurately communicate to those on the other side. Once the medium passes the series of assessments they are given the seal of approval by the organization. Caputo is one of the Forever Family Foundation certified psychics.

Interesting Facts on Teresa Caputo-

How Old is the Long Island Psychic?  From my research, Teresa Caputo as of 2012 is 45 years old. So that makes her born in 1967.

Can I Get A Reading/Appointment with Teresa?  Unless you were on her previous client list of say about 3 years ago, chances are very slim that you’ll get a personal and private reading. On the recent Bravo show: Watch What Happens Live (with Andy Cohen), Teresa estimated that her 2013 calendar is mostly booked now.

An option to get a reading from Teresa is to go to one of her live shows listed on her website. You can also win a chance for a reading on her TLC show. Teresa Caputo is also on a US tour in 2012 and 2013, you can visit the live nation website to find out when she will be in a town near you. Tickets look to range from $65 dollars to as high as $145 dollars. There are also some options to meet her live and in person. So that could also be an option or an alternative to a personal appointment.

What is Teresa’s Email? I Don’t Believe You and I Want to Contact Her Directly for A Reading? You can reach Teresa through her email Longislandmedium@gmail.com. It’s been reported that many people have tried to contact her through that email address but with no luck. You can also try through her personal website on TeresaCaputo.com.

Does the Long Island Psychic Still Live on Long Island?  I’ve wondered about this myself. But research shows that at least ONE of her cities of residence is still Hicksville, NY (where she is originally from). I think it’s smart by the way to still stay grounded it shows that fame hasn’t really upset her lifestyle. And I’d imagine not being swayed by all the fame and money helps her also maintain her mediumship talents.

Speaking of Money, How Much Does Teresa Charge? This was actually asked on her Bravo visit with Andy on “Look What Happens Next”, there have been rumors that she charges $400-500 dollars an hour. She estimates that her rates are much cheaper than that. She alluded to the fact that she’s much closer to $150/hr. as of 2012.

Hopefully this proves that the Long Island Medium is real. If not, you'll have to wait a few years to see for yourself privately.