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The Apple MacBook Pro has been heaped with praise but now it is time to consider whether it is likely to be the last laptop of its kind. There is no doubt that this is one of the greatest products that Apple has ever produced in its history. It represents everything that we expect from a personal computer without the bulk. The most successful mobile technology company is constantly fighting a battle to remain relevant and a brand leader. Most of the time it wins those battles and this is one of those occasions where it has done better than most expectations.

-      Apple and the tablet/smartphone boom: The success of the brand is linked to its incredible organization. No single product is left to fester before they come up with a groundbreaking upgrade. That is why they are one of the few companies that have been able to reap significant benefits in an industry that is sometimes associated with failed products. The Apple MacBook Pro is indeed part of the post-PC era which the company has been fronting with some vigor. It is one of those internet-connected portable devices that pack an incredible amount of specifications.

-      An Apple operating system under scrutiny: In reality the Apple MacBook Pro is more about the hardware than the software. Certainly many consumers are no longer impressed by the mere appearance of style. They want an electronic device that can do the job and do it very well. The Mac OS is an exercise in great marketing and even better production values. They have used the technology that was originally used for Apple tablets and phones in a really creative way.

-      Signature features from Apple: Perhaps the biggest prize in the Retina MacBook kitty is the MacBook Air. This Apple product is significantly smaller than other comparable electronic gadgets. Although it was first launched in 2008, there have been many changes to its structure and performance which suggest that the journey (for its development) is ongoing. At first it was ridiculously expensive and there were complaints about its ability to deliver the requisite power. However in the recent months they have turned this product into a winning formula. This is the future of computing regardless of whether you are on a mobile phone or not.

The multiplicity of the company’s operations is one of the reasons why the Apple MacBook Pro is an astonishing product. However other analysts have pointed out the fact that it could potentially represent a powerful competitor against the established iPad. If this was to happen then Apple will have achieved the near-impossible: they would have turned a loss-leader strategy into an internal self assessment process. There is absolutely no doubt that the Apple MacBook Pro represents (to an extent) the demise of the personal computer as we know it. The Air line-up has now been updated.

Making the Apple MacBook Pro more affordable

Meanwhile there is some level of comfort for consumers in terms of pricing strategies. The 13-inch model has a reduction of $100 and now stands at $1,199. You can get the 11-inch Apple MacBook Pro for $999. These prices are the winning shot in a constantly competitive market. It is better than the Ultrabooks including the Zenbook and the Asus models.  Nevertheless you do not lose any of the traditional goodies including an optical drive and expanded storage space.

One of the tips that you may want to pay attention to is the possibility of separating the data storage from the computer by means of external storage devices. For example a backup disk might be used to store video, music and audio files. That essentially means that there is no need to worry about where you are going to find all the necessary storage space.

A summary of the basic advantages of the Apple MacBook Pro

  1. A retina display
  2. 7 hours worth of battery life
  3. The possibility of a touch screen
  4. Faster processing
  5. A fair price
  6. A great OS package

On the downside, the Apple MacBook Pro has a long way to go before it can beat the iPad with its 10-hour battery life. Meanwhile the iPad is not resting on its laurels because they keep bringing new developments virtually every quarter. The Apple brand has to be given credit for completely changing the way in which we use laptop computers. The Apple MacBook Pro is just one step in a process.


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Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display Review