Prior to the launch of the Nintendo Wii U, a lot of speculation was made about the specs of the console. Some said it was going to be 5 times more powerful than current gen consoles, while others speculated that it was going to be 3 to 4 times as powerful as the Xbox 360. It wasn’t until recently when the console was hacked by a hacker named Marcan and the specs were revealed to the public that it dawned on everyone that the Wii U was not all that powerful after all. Many gamers will argue that the Wii U specs will not be able to hold its ground when the next generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony are finally unveiled, but knowing Nintendo for what they do I won’t be surprised if it turns out they’ve got a few more surprises up their sleeves.


nintendo wii uCredit: nintendo

According to the hacker who goes by the name Marcan, the Wii U is spotting a 3 core PowerPC 750 type CPU which is similar to Wii’s Broadway, but with  more cache. Each CPU is running at 1.243125GHz. The GPU core runs at 549.999755MHz. Like I said earlier, this might not be too much to look at but it can still do some decent next-gen graphics when combined with the 1 GB RAM for gaming in the console. Actually the system comes with 2 Gigabyte of RAM, but 1Gigabyte is dedicated to the OS and only 1Gigabyte is available for games.


The most interesting thing about the Wii U specs is that the Wii U GPU is a GPGPU. What this means is that the Wii U comes equipped with a General Purpose Graphics processing Unit which is very capable of doing several more calculations than a standalone GPU. This is a fairly new tech in the hands of developers so it might take a few more years before they are able to harness its full potential. The fact that The Wii U comes with a GPGPU is something to be happy about. The console is also capable of Direct X 11 graphics effect such as tessellation. Even though it might not be able to compete with the next-gen consoles from the likes of Microsoft and Sony, be rest assured the Wii U will be able to do some nice tricks when all developers who are developing games for it finally get a full grip of it.


So, what do you think about the Wii U specs? Do you think it’s a disappointment on Nintendo’s part for bringing a weaker console to the market compared to its next-gen counterpart or do you think there are a few things about the Wii U specs that we are yet to discover and that will make us happy with the Wii U in the end? Please, drop your comment below.