The video game world went bonkers when Sony introduced its hot new Sony Playstation 3 video game console several years ago. In fact, the item was so hot during its initial release, it prompted people to wait in line for days just so they could get their hands on one. There were even some unfortunate incidents of violence, which shows just how far people were willing to go over a video game system.

Well now Sony is at it again, as they announced the release of the new Sony PS3 slim video game console. This new slimmer Playstation 3 will be about 32% smaller than its predecessor, and will also feature less energy use and a quieter machine. Just like the previous model it features Blu-ray capabilities as well as Wi-Fi. There's also a standard 120 gigabyte hard drive included with the new PS3 slim making for adequate storage of all your MP3 music files, movies, videos, and other content.

A few things the PS3 slim seems to lack in its early development are backwards game compatibility and ability to install other operating systems. The backwards game compatibility refers to being able to play older Playstation 2 games, and the ability to install other operating systems allowed people to use a different operating system than the PS3 came with. Some video gamers might not mind this, but others might want the option to enjoy older PS game titles, or use a different operating system for their setup. Additionally, this means if you own a Sony Dualshock 3 wireless controller, you won't be able to enjoy using it with those older game titles from the PS2.

The new PS3 slim also comes with a price drop. While the original Playstation 3 was priced at $399, Sony has dropped prices. So the new slim PS3 will be just $299 each. In addition, Sony has reduced the price on the original PS3 units as well. With that in mind, it seems smartest to wait for the September release date of the new PS3, so you can get the slimmer, cooler technology!