Tervis tumbler review

Tervis Tumblers may look like ordinary cups, but they have several features that make them unique. While these cups look as if they are made from glass, they are in fact made using high quality polycarbonate. This particular type of plastic is not only good looking but also highly resilient. In fact, Tervis Tumblers have a lifetime guarantee.

These particular cups are very popular not only because they are nearly unbreakable but also because they have double wall insulation that keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.

Dishwasher Safety Issues

Customers and professionals alike have given Tervis Tumblers high review ratings. In fact, these particular cups get four out of five star ratings on Tervis Tumbler review websites. However, whether or not these cups are dishwasher safe is a matter of some controversy.

Tervis guarantees that these cups will be microwave, dishwasher and dish dryer safe. Most individuals who have purchased these cups agree with the company and state that they have had no problems putting these cups in the dishwasher. On the other hand, others note that these particular cups sometimes do melt in the dishwasher. While this is a problem that can often be avoided by placing the cups only on the top rack of a dishwasher, it does still occur.

It has also been noted that regularly washing Tervis Tumblers in a dishwasher causes them to become a bit cloudy over time. Therefore, it is usually best to wash these cups by hand, even though it does take a few minutes to do so.

Tervis Tumblers - Advantages and Disadvantages

As was noted above, Tervis Tumblers are unique in several ways. They are clear, insulated cups that can be used for all types of drinks. They are good looking glass cups but are not actually made using glass and so do not break when dropped. The fact that these glasses are condensation resistant is yet another advantage, as this means that one can safely place the cup on a table or desk without using a coaster.

The main disadvantage of purchasing these cups is the cost. While prices vary depending on where one purchases this particular glassware set, Tervis Tumblers will always cost significantly more than any glassware set with cups of the same size. However, the fact that one any broken and/or damaged cups can be returned to Tervis and replaced for free does make the price well worth it.

A number of Tervis Tumbler reviews have noted the fact that these cups very rarely break, crack or chip, even when dropped on hard surfaces such as a tile or concrete floor. A number of people who have purchased these cups have noted that they have used them for up to twenty years with no problems. However, others have noted that the glasses can become slightly stained when used to drink coffee or simply worn out from continuous use.

Whether or not Tervis Tumblers are a good buy depends on what type of cups one is looking for and how much an individual is willing to spend. These cups do have numerous advantages. They are fully insulated, come with a lifetime guarantee and can be used without a coaster. On the other hand, Tervis Tumblers do have a few small problems. The main problem with these cups is the fact that they are not always dishwasher safe. The company states that an individual should be able to place these cups in a dishwasher with no problem and this does seem to be the case most of the time. One the other hand, an individual who chooses to invest in these cups should be aware that there have been rare instances in which Tervis Tumblers have sustained damage after having been placed in a dishwasher.