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The UFC is thought to the one of the toughest athletic stages out there.  Saturated with seemingly super human athletes that want nothing more than to fight it out in front of sell-out crowds, this sport takes a certain type of individual to participate in its realm.  Building the sport from nothing and making it into the PPV record setting, sold out stadium event that it is today.  It seems that with its new abundant fan base that the name of the game has changed significantly from what it used to be.


Matching fighters inside the octagon used to be something that was done in order to produce even and competitive matches.  Two fighters that were thought to be on an equal fight level were often matched up in order to put on the best show in front of fight fans everywhere.  Lately though it seems that matching fighters has gotten far more complex.  It seems that instead of matching fighters based on their skill level, they are now being matched by their ability to act as WWE microphone men. 

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While talent is apparent in all fighters toward the top of the game, it seems that the only people earning themselves title shots among the best are the people who are selling their fights with the Hulk Hogan motto of talking smack over a microphone.  It doesn’t seem fair that such an in depth talent pool exists while only the smack talking, in your face, arrogant fighters are the ones getting the shots.  What happened to the humble fighter? 


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The best and most prime example of this has got the be in the form of Chael Sonnen.  I mean did anyone know Chael Sonnen before he fought Silva?  Sure, he did an absolutely amazing job in the first fight and absolutely would have won the fight if he hadn’t slipped up.  Sure, he may have deserved the Silva rematch, but to give a man not only two but THREE title shots IN A ROW is absolutely insane under any circumstance.  Especially at a higher weight class vs. “Bones” Jones. 


There is no excuse for this.  The UFC needs to start matching fair fights instead of just the ones that get hyped out of proportion by a babbling idiot who had no business being in the ring with Jones in the first place.  NO BUSINESS AT ALL WITH JONES let alone anyone else in the 205 pound weight division.  Start giving title shots to the people that actually deserve them and stop letting smack talking idiots rule the game. 

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Are we going to start seeing this new permanent smack talking face to our once loved sport?  I sure hope not.