Is the White Radiator Dead?

 Radiators are very functional devices but they are bulky and can be hard to live with if you have a thing for fashionable living.

Instead of looking at your heating-unit as the bane of your existence, you can always entertain the concept of using radiators as design features. Try incorporating them into the house so that they become a part of it instead of being in the way.

Color Your heating-unit Accordingly

One of the most effective ways of making radiators a part of your home is by painting them:

  • Painting your heating-unit to have the same color as the surrounding items or the wall is a great way to camouflage it and make it a part of the background. So if your wall or cabinet or whatever is colored white, painting your radiator white is definitely not a dead concept.
  • You could paint your radiator to stand out, rather than to hide it. Paint it dark brown or blue against a beige or pale blue wall for an interesting effect.
  • Painting your heating-unit to fit the overall theme of your home is also a great idea since you would have plenty of freedom to do so. So if your room or house is all about nature and whatnot, green and brown might be your thing. You could paint a scene on it if you are artistic . . .

Cover Up Your Radiator

If painting your radiator does not seem like a good idea to you, then covering it up might be more your style. There are plenty of ways to do this, and the following concepts might be ones you will enjoy:

  • heating-unit covers can work to entirely hide the bulky device with a box-like structure that can perfectly match the design of your home. If you really wanted to, you can make the cover look as if it was a side table that you can put your plants on.
  • If completely covering your radiator is not an option, installing a stylish grill or screen can also serve to beautify your heating-unit and make it less offensive looking.
  • If you have a radiator that is close to a window, building a window seat around it could also be an option. Not only will it be out of the way, you will also be able to use it if your idea of relaxing is sitting by the window and staring out of it.
  • If the seat concept appeals to you but the radiator is found somewhere else such as the edge of a room, you can always place an indoor bench to cover it up; be sure to leave plenty of breathing room so that the heat still circulates around the room.

Radiator Décor Ideas

Finally, if painting or covering your radiator does not appeal to your taste in decorations, you might want to try the approach of simply decorating it:

  • You can put a lot of things on top of shelves, including figurines and picture frames. By simply placing a flat surface on top of a radiator, you can get a shelf that you can decorate. Wooden boards can do the job fine, but materials like marble or stone could be even better.
  • Radiators that are found in the bathroom are usually an eye-sore, but not if you can conveniently put your personal items on top of them. Or you can buy chrome-effect central heating radiators especially designed as a feature for bathrooms.