Despite one or two films stating the contrary there is no such item as a $million dollar note or bill as they call it in the United States. Believe it or not people all over the world do believe that one exists . The following is a story written of a recent incident that occurred in Leicestershire, in the United Kingdom,the names have been changed to avoid any embarrassment.

The fantasy begins


Meena  was sitting at her till in the money shop. Her job was to cash cheques and generally loan money to people whose paydays always seemed to be late. Trade was slow that morning and the heater in the office was hardly giving enough heat to stop her teeth chattering. Only ten minutes until lunch and a cup of coffee she thought, trying to look interested in a sheet of paper. That was the problem with Meena's job; she was near the window and all and sundry who passed by could look in and see her.

The last customer before lunch


The shop bell rang and Meena looked up. Why do customers come in minutes before lunch time?If the shop shut after 1pm it still re opened at 2pm leaving Meena with the short lunch time. The man who walked in was an everyday sort of guy buttoned up against the constant drizzle that had characterised the day.  Perhaps he was going on holiday somewhere warm and    wanted to change some  money into Euros or cash a cheque a few days before pay day? That's what Meena did, she sold money, lots of it, everyday to people who could not manage to the next pay cheque. Her firm took a little out of the cheque til the next pay day but pay days were always too late for her clients and they always ended up getting their wages from the Money shop

Turning her attention to the customer she smiled with her "Can I help you" smile and waited. Tentatively the customer pulled a note out of his trouser pocket and asked her "Can you change this please into smaller bills?". Meena looked at the note, it was large and had dollar symbols on it but she had never seen one like it before. Taking the note and leaving her chair Marjorie went to find James the shop manager. "Is it real ?" she asked, she couldn't trust herself to know that answer.

Would people be so dumb to use fake money

The manager

James, the manager, pulled his glasses down the length of his nose and held the note at arms length to get a good clear look. Then he burst out laughing, " a million dollars" " a million dollars" he kept repeating to himself. Meena was still wondering at this point if the note was real or not. Pulling himself together James walked over to the waiting customer. 

""Is this your note? he asked

"YES" shouted the anxious customer.

" I will have to confiscate it," said James," its a forgery"

The customer then started to shout and scream,Meera had heard abuse in the shop before when you deat with money you dealt with people who were often really hard uip, but she had heard nothing like this before.  James was able to make out that he had paid a man in the pub £8,000 for the million dollar note and thought what a good deal he had done.

The customers outburst could be seen through the shops window and attracted the attention of a passing PCSO who came in to see what was happening.  Janet came in and saw a man who had passed the point of contol, he was angry and abusive and she immediately called for back up. PC Black and PC Davis arrived and remonstrated with the man to calm down and when he didn't arrested him. 

The shop had never seen a customer like it and James shut the shop an hour late with a note on the door apologising for the unseen circumstances that closed the shop until 3pm.Meera got her lunch that day an hour late and collapsed in the local Costa Coffee reliving the day thinking to herself how anyone would be that stupid as to pay £8,000 for a $million dollar note!

In the evening she was meeting the new man in her life who always seemed to have loads of money. Eric cried with laughter when she told him the story. They were visiting a different pub that night, in fact whenever they went out they always visited a different pub, Eric didn't like to go anywhere twice. The only thing she didn't like about him was his tendency to talk to strangers in pubs!

Not an isolated story

This was not the only case of a customer trying to pay with a $million dollar bill. It is legal in the US to print these bills as novelty items and many firms do print them.

In 2004 a  woman in Georgia tried to use one to do her shopping in the local Wal Mart and when apprehended expressed surprise that the bill was not real. In 2007 a man tried to open a bank account with a fake bill and wondered why the teller would not agree to his request!