Most people have been selling all their lives without even knowing.


 Very early in life a small child realises that by just making the right sounds will either get the attention they are craving or get comfort with food.

 As the Child grows the older he or she continues to learn that it can be quite easy to obtain what they want through previous experiences, most babies are not disciplined by their parents at this young age and the selling process begins, slowly but surely they manage to get what they  want.


As the Child begins to grow older parents will start to sell good ideas rather than have a ranting child.

The Parent

The parent will learn very early that just telling a child what to do will only work for a short while before the child rebels.

The selling process has now begun, first the child will use all their early skills to get their own way, then the parents begin to sell and negotiate with an exchange of ideas,

Very shortly the Child will begin to understand that explaining and negotiations will have a far better outcome than the initial shouting and attention seeking.


Relate this to the high pressure salesman who continually tries to break down any resistance by just pushing and pushing initially there will be results but long term just like the child he will find resistance.


The professional salesman who takes the time to explain and have a fair exchange of ideas with his client will have a long and fruitful relationship.


Selling and life skills are very similar most of us sell all Day without even knowing the process.

A skilled manager will have far more respect of the workforce by explaining how he would like the task undertaken and will get far more achieved and gain more respect

In the work place this may be called man management skills, the Day of acting like a Military Sergeant Major have well and truly gone.


Take a firm look at yourself how often have the results been greater by constructive dialogue and negotiation than dictating.

Selling skills are very basic and no different to life in general; the good salesman will take these skills to the next level and perfect them to different people and situations.

The professional salesman has learnt that life is not a continuous battle to win on every occasion no matter what that cost.


Professional Salesmen make their job look very easy but they have just learnt the skills of listening and constructive negotiation