burglarGoing on vacation is a happy occasion. However this is also a great time to get burglarized. An unoccupied home is a great target for burglars. Learn how to protect your home from being burglarized. Take the necessary steps to minimize your risks of being a victim.

Finally, it is that time of the year where you will be going away on vacation. You have your trip all planned out. Your airplane tickets (or rental car) is booked… checked. Your hotel is booked… checked. You got your passport… checked. You got your spending money… checked. Now you are ready to head out, right? Not quite. Before heading out, is your home vacation safe?

Vacant homes, homes where the owners/occupants are on vacation are great targets for burglars. A burglar loves a home where the occupants are vacationing. They can go through your house, taking their time looking for cash, jewellery and easy to sell items such as notebooks, cell phones, iPods, iPad, etc… Or worse, steal your identity.

Identity theft is where the crooks steals your identification and use it to commit fraudulent activities. They can open bank accounts, apply for credit cards, etc… So how do you ensure that when you come back from vacation, your home isn't burglarized?

How to protect your home

  1. Install an alarm system.
    • Preferably install an alarm system that is monitored by an alarm monitoring company.
    • Not only do you get peace of mind but a lot of insurance companies will give you a discount on the cost of insurance if an alarm system is installed. A greater discount is given if the alarm system is monitored.
  2. Install video monitoring cameras.
    • With technology constantly advancing, you can get an advance security wireless IP camera system at very affordable prices. Since it is wireless, installation is very easy. The Lerox NE3003-2PK can record video and audio, has motion detection, can integrate with your existing alarm system and can even email you if (when) your house is being burglarized.
  3. Have your mail, newspaper and magazine subscriptions picked up by a friend or have them stopped or held.
    • If you are away for a long period, your mail can pile up. This is a great sign for burglars to target your home as they can tell there's no one at home.
  4. Safe keep your cash, jewellery and identification in your bank's safe deposit box.
    • If your home is broken into, at least your most important valuables are safe.
  5. Lower the volume on your home telephone and answering machine so they are cannot be heard from the outside.
  6. Stop your home voice message service or call in to retrieve messages while you are vacationing.
    • Leaving your voice message service full indicates that no one has been home for a while.
    • Do you really want to check for voice messages while you are vacationing? Well sometimes it is a good idea to do so. There may be an important call/message waiting for you. If you rather not, temporary suspend your voice message system.
  7. Place lights and radios on timers.
    • This helps gives the appearance that there are people living in the home.
  8. Keep your lawn/grass cut. For those that live in the north, keep your sidewalk clear of snow and ice.
    • Ask your neighbour or a friend to help out.
  9. Refrain from updating your status on social media sites that you going on vacation.
    • With the popularity of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and others, many people use these sites to keep their family and friend updated on their status.
    • You will be surprise on how much info can be found on the internet (i.e. phone directories and others).
  10. Ensure you the have appropriate property insurance and adequate insurance coverage for your contents.
    • If you are one of the fortunate and have home burglarized, at least you can minimize your contents replacement costs and the cost to repair damages (i.e. lock, door and/or window replacement).

When planning for you vacation, remember to prepare your home so that it will be vacation safe. Have a great and safe trip!