family (18113)The comedian Chris Rock once said in one of his comedy routines, "If you've never felt like killing him, you've never been in love". The idea is that love can be fun and it can also be stressful. That is why you can sometimes feel that your husband is streesing you out. How many women are stressed out waiting for their husband to call? It is not that difficult to pick up the phone and call just to say "hello baby, how are you". How difficult can that be? The fact that you are not getting the level of attention you want from your husband can be stressful. How many times have you being annoyed to come home and find him in front of the TV waiting for you to come home and cook dinner? If you think your husband is stressing your out, that will be one of those moments. How many times have you wished that he'd choked on his food for making you do all the chores? That is a terrible thing to think about but that is the way you will feel if your husband is stressing you out.

Almost all women have gone through that. The resulting effect is stress and strain on the relationship. Furthermore, it can become more stressful when children are involved. You husband is stressing you out and you kids are driving your crazy. Talking about the joys of having a family. You might feel that you need to deal with the children and the other big baby aka husband. If you are stressed by your husband's behavior, could it be your fault? Let's analyze situations in which you can help yourself and reduce the amount of stress your husband might be generating.It can be true that you are responsible for your husband stressing you out.

Your Husband stressing your out and Chores: Have you raised your husband to think you are a superwoman? If you never ask for help, you are obviously sending out the signal that you are capable of doing it all. Why should you ask for help when it is clear that things need to be done around the house? Men don't think like that and you better take heed if you don't want your husband to continuously stress you out. If you want to reduce the amount of stress you get from doing all the chores, educate your husband. Don't feel sorry for him and think he is tired and needs to rest. You will be contributing to your husband stressing you out if you cannot control you quilt and deal with things with a cool head. You will not tell him to stay at home instead of going to work just because he is tired. Why should you encourage him to be lazy? In some families, most men know it is their duty to take the take out the rubbish. They know what to do and just do it. If you want a stress free life, educate your husband to help around the house. Does it make you feel inadequate or do you feel that you are not a capable women? You need to get over those feelings and enjoy the help. It takes a strong woman to admit that she needs help. Is your husband stressing you out? Well, you need to divide the chores and let him know what you really want done around the house.

Your husband stressing you out and Cooking: Your husband has never cooked anything in his life. That is not an excuse to let him lazy around the house. Remember you don't want your husband stressing you out. Teach him to put a precooked pizza in the microwave. How difficult can that be? Teach him how to boil an egg. Tell him where to find the bread and the coffee and how to make his own breakfast. While at it, get him to get you some coffee. Make him learn that food doesn't appear from nowhere and a little effort will go a long way. Thinking about what to cook can be stressful and having a husband that doesn't help will only add to your stress level and cause marital difficulties. Share the burden and get rid of a little stress. Is your husband stressing you out? Make sure you train him to learn how to cook and try not to complain about his cooking. That will go along way in reducing the stress you get from your husband and he will become a better cook with more practice.

Your husband stressing your out and Children: If he is capable of making children, you need to make sure he pays attention to them. You can make sure you husband will not be stressing you out by making sure he get a good share in the childrens' life. If you want to be like women who like to see their husband fail with the children because of personal glory, you will be encouraging and contributing to making your husband stress you out. He needs to know when they have homework. He needs to know the days of parents teachers meetings. He needs to talk with his children. Daddy is not there just for the fun part. Children do generate a lot of stress, don't let your husband get off free. Get him involved. He will thank you for it. Don't feel you are a less capable mother because your children prefer their father. Make sure your husband is not stressing you out because you don't want to leg go of the control you have at home.

Too stressed out for sex: Tell your husband what to do around the house and you will be more relaxed to enjoy your intimacy. Men would generally put more effort into doing the chores if they know what is coming afterwards. They are just that shallow. Marital intimacy and the constant complain from women of being tired and having no desire in sex in often due to stress and the need to relax. If you husband is stressing you out, the last thing you will want is sexual intimacy. That will not be fair on him if you are contributing to help your husband stress you out by not educating everyone in the family.