Isaan can be found in the north eastern parts of Thailand. It is large and forms a third of the country with the people totaling 25million in number. Isaan is a friendly place because the people are very open and welcoming. It would be to your advantage to learn their language which is quite similar to Lao. If you are skeptical about learning Isaan, it would help to know that a large population of people from Isaan is employed in parts of the economy that heavily deal with tourists. Their culture is also a bit similar to that of the Lao.

One good thing about travelling to a new place is that you get the chance to sample their cuisine. Now depending on what you’re used to and your taste palate, there are high chances that you could either enjoy the experience or would rather forget it. Isaan food has a lot of things that are not generally eaten widely the world over. Some of these things here like crickets, lizards and dung beetles. Incase you’re wondering as to how this became a part of their diet; it would be because of the fact that their poverty led them to look for alternatives of food sources. If you have the guts to try, you might find these delicacies are actually quite tasty.

Food in Isaan is usually eaten through the use of hands. Their staple food is sticky rice and when eaten, it is rolled up into somewhat of a ball then it is used to scoop up the other parts of meal, say for instance the stew or vegetables. It is quite common for almost all Isaan meals to have soups and stews. Most of the soups contain huge chunks of tasty fish, chicken or meats. Vegetables are also included. When it comes to the soups, it is not possible to eat it with your hands so chopsticks and spoons are used to eat the soup and the pieces of meat or vegetables.

On the streets or Isaan you are likely to come across roasted chicken that has been dipped in herbs. This is quite delicious as the meat is tender and well cooked. Additionally, in the same way that fries and burgers are common is the same way that crickets and beetles are a common snack. It is normal to come across food vendors frying these insects and laying them out in the open for them to cool and as a display.