Ok isagenix has pros and cons. First all when you start off you are only eating 1 meal a day. The other two meals are shakes either a vanilla or chocolate flavored shake. This was a bit difficult to adjust, I do enjoy eating. But it does become easier and I think the shakes also help to curb your appetite. What I liked most about this product was the isagenix supreme this was a nutritional rich shot that you take once a day. I think this helped me soo much. Prior to this I was very tired and fatigued. This really helped to boost my energy level, which I think is a major plus. I think if you are use to taking vitamins or minerals the taste of the cleanse products and the supreme are great. If not the taste is ok. But after doing the cleanse days you really begin to enjoy the flavor of the products.


I am still in the beginning stages of this product so I will have to follow up in a few months to tell my success. To date I have lost about 20 lbs but I have dropped from a size 28 (after pregnancy) to size 18. And I feel really good. I do have some concerns about the long term use of isagenixs because eating 1 meal a day might be hard to continue. But during my few months on this product I Have had thanksgiving and Christmas. I fully enjoyed my holidays and ate all the food I would have normally. The day after I was back on program and had no problems. Weight loss continued.

Full Review

I have tried to lose weight for a long time. I had great success using weight watchers a long time ago. But after several years and two children I find that the weight has crept its way back on. I was recently introduced to a new product called isagenixs. I think this product may be very good. I didn't lose a lot of weight but somehow I lost a lot of inches. It was very weird. I had never experienced this before. I could see this would be very helpful for someone who had a lot of weight to lose and was concerned about the extra and or saggy skin that can often come along with this.

In Closing

isagenixs does seem like a product that you can integrate into your life.