Solving Sky Broadband Problems

I recently came across a situation where a friend had problems with his internet connection. He had set up Sky Broadband and had had his line activated ten days previously.  However, when he plugged in his router, he realised that there was no connection.

What I Did?

I noticed the Wi-Fi router was not plugged in through the micro filters so I installed those on the line. I then went about ensuring all the cables were plugged in and also changed the connectivity cable between the Wi-Fi router and the telephone line, as it appeared a bit old.  I then rebooted the router to see if it had made any difference, and still the light in front of the router demonstrated that there was no internet connection.  At this point, I informed him that he should be speaking to his internet service provider, as it was likely that his old router was the issue rather than a problem with the line.

Speaking to a Provider

When you speak to your provider, always ensure that you tell them what you’ve been through so that they don’t go about it again. When my friend phoned Sky Technical Support, he was greeted with a friendly conversation, and he was informed that he should go through the process that I just been through, which he did. Following this, Sky looked into the line and discovered that there was a fault at the exchange. My friend was on ADSL broadband and, so, Sky informed him that it was not their responsibility to look after the hardware and that the situation would be escalated.

Openreach Explained

When my friend came off the phone, he explained to me what happened, and I said, ‘Ah! Openreach.’ He said ‘Yes, that’s what they said’. BT Openreach is the team that look after the infrastructure of the BT network for broadband. Many providers piggyback off their services, paying a fee to use them.  If you have a fault on your line or in the exchange, it could well be that you need to have the problem escalated.  Ensure that you understand this and you push for it, as some companies have been known to avoid escalation for some reason or another. For example, there’s a lot of anecdotal evidence to suggest that Tesco Broadband regularly fails to escalate issues to BT Openreach as quickly as they should. Tesco Broadband is run by Cable and Wireless and, so, it’s important to understand the limitations of the provider. Sometimes, just being a little bit firm, but polite, can get things done a lot quicker.

Logging in to your Wi-Fi Router

Logging in to your Wi-Fi router is normally a fairly simple process. You can search online for the specific address to which you should login but, invariably, it is the IP address With Sky, the login details are then ‘admin’ for the username, and the  password will be ‘sky’, and you can see the active details of your router. In here, you can reset your router, do maintenance and so forth. You can also check the status of the Wi-Fi router to see whether you actually have an active connection. If you have, then it would normally state ‘Enabled’. If you haven’t, you may see ‘Failed’ or ‘Connecting’. In this area, you can also change your password for your Wi-Fi router so you can further secure your broadband when you are operating on a wireless basis.

Things to Consider

There are certain things you should consider in order to ensure that your setup is correct. These include:

  • Your router should be plugged in to the main telephone socket.
  • You shouldn’t have too much cable between your router and the telephone point.
  • You should have Micro Filters installed between every device and the telephone line.
  • You should have your Wi-Fi router in an elevated position for better Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Other Wi-Fi devices, whether internet or any other, can interfere with your connection, especially if they, too, run on the 2.4 gigahertz spectrum.
  • Removing the bell wire from your telephone line can improve connectivity.
  • You can also install an Iplate or broadband accelerator.
  • Physical obstructions such as dense walls, ceilings, cupboards and furniture can also get in the way of your connection.
  • The problem may not lie with your connection, but with your connecting device, if it is incapable of dealing with the connection speed.

Common Fixes to Wi-Fi Router Problems

Some of the best workarounds for Wi-Fi routers’ problems include:

  • Getting a repeater

A repeater can provide the opportunity to increase the range of your connection. It can also be used to go around obstacles. Many households choose to have a repeater upstairs in order to extend the range upstairs when there are issues connecting to a downstairs router. Many of us have a router at the bottom of the stairs or at the entrance of the house and, therefore, there can often be a clear line of sight between your downstairs router and your upstairs devices.

  • Homeplug system

A homeplug system provides you the opportunity to pass your internet signal around your electric circuit. As long as your electric circuit is not a split circuit, you can get connectivity throughout your home, and you can plug Ethernet cables in wherever you may be.


  • Premium wireless routers

A premium wireless router can increase the range of your connection, not only by having better and more antennae, but by using different frequency sets so that you can change bands when you have issues from interference. The ability to choose and use different frequencies can totally eliminate interference issues if you use it wisely.

  • Ethernet cables around your home

It is, of course, possible just to run Ethernet cables around your home. This can be quite unsightly, as the cables are generally around the thickness of mains electricity cables and, therefore, having many wires running upstairs can be an issue. You may want to have this done professionally by someone who knows what they’re doing if you want to keep it as discreet as possible. In addition, at the other end of the cable, you should leave some free play so that you can connect devices to it with some flexibility while still being at a fixed point.


Sky Broadband is an excellent provider, offering totally unlimited broadband with no fair usage policy or traffic management. The customer service has gotten better and better, and the connectivity has, too. Unfortunately, sometimes, things do go wrong, so ensure that you do need to talk to your provider. Don’t just get flustered and complain about them before you know what the solution is. 

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