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To sum up It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia in one word, funny. This show has been on the air since 2004 and has made rerkable headways in the terms of comedy. The show started out with a small fan-base and a low production value, but over the years has expanded it's fanbase by huge proportions. The show often critiques social issues, such as the episode "The Great Recession" and "The Gang solves the Mortgage Crisis" other than social commentary they often focus on lewd and nasty topics. Some might call this show college humor, but I perfer to view it as humor.

Anyone can enjoy this show. You don't have to be an 18 year old male, my mother watches the show frequently and she is a middle age woman. Yes, some of the episodes are nasty in nature, but more often than not the gang finds themselves in a hot-button issue, such as gay marriage or abortions. They often get out of these situations in insane ways. Some episodes have focused on convicts, the mafia, rednecks, and even play-writing.

The image at the top of the article is from the episode "The Nightman Cometh" and it is an excellent play designed by Charlie who wants to convince the girl that he loves (she hates him) to marry him. The musical has ridiculous songs, that are funny to listen to, but a message of redemption. The redemption of Charlie.

One cause for conern, however is the recent season, Season 6. While the jury is still out, the first episode "Mac fights Gay Marriage" was full of commercial advertisements. The gang drank all coars beer, on coars napkins, and even met at a subway for lunch. While commercial placements have often been done in television shows and movies, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia has always had a low production and has never had these overt marketing schemes.

I sincerly hope that the show will stick to it's outrageous and often insane roots and continue to give me laughs every Thursday night on FX at 10 o'clock PM time. Even if there are commercial placements I will continue to watch, as long as they don't hamper the plot. Overall, this show is excellent if you need a laugh and I recommend it to anyone who doesn't want to watch standard humor or sitcom shows like Friends or Everyone Loves Raymond.