It's summer and we try to spend as much time outside as possible, children are playing in the yard or around the pool and we gather out with friends enjoying the kids and fun. What would this kind of day be if you did not have a good patio set.

Patio sets do make our backyards, our terraces and pool areas comfortable and convivial. With the sun on our face, sitting out there on the patio we feel like the patio is an extension of the house, and for most of us it is.

Accordingly the choice of patio set that you choose contributes greatly to the ambiance you patio will impart.

A typical set includes at least a table and matching chairs. You can then add a couple of armchairs, even a lounge chair, a bench, a swing or a hammock. Many accessories will also improve your setting by adding practicality and beauty. An umbrella, will be as decorative as it is useful, a bar could be the accessory that makes your area the envy of the neighbors. There is not a one size fits all in matter of outdoor patio sets, each family will have different needs and different styles and the market is ready to accommodate each and everyone of you.

Two considerations should take precedence other the others when choosing a patio set, one is the amount of space to be furnished, and the other is the amount of money that you are willing to pay for the outdoor furniture you want. There are many outdoor sets available at reasonable prices in department stores and specialty stores, and they can serve your purpose very well, many will be easy to maintain, functional, comfortable and impervious to the weather as well as durable and beautiful, but it sure that a certain investment will be required. It is often better to invest a little more and get many years of service than to skimp and have to repeat the purchase too soon.

You can treat your outdoor area as a very distinct place from the house and use a totally different style, colors and feel. Many however choose to bring some fluidity between the inside and outside spaces of the home, as if they were part of the same space.

Patio sets are well suited to help you create the atmosphere you want, contemporary styles fit in the most demanding architectural settings, exotic elements like teak wood, and rattan give a young, vivacious and elegant feel to your backyard or terrace. Inversely you can deliberately cause a chock element with style.

Today's backyards are multifunction spaces that you must furnish with regard to what you want to do. You will find on the market sets that can adapt to your situation as it changes. Be it take your meals outdoors, play games with the kids, a spot of garden close to the house, or furniture along a path. The obligatory barbecue cannot be forgotten, but there again, all you need to do is wish, and a mini outdoor movable kitchen can be yours, some with sink, oven and a serving tray. On the other hand those whose are very practical or who only have limited space will turn their interest toward patio sets that can put set up easily and taken down quickly.

Garden sets come in all materials possible, plastic is still the most affordable, but it is no longer a cheap substitute for good looking furniture. Some plastic sets are absolutely stunning. Like the A true work of art this totem made of man made fiber Hularo, in a stone color will either stand on your deck like this totem, which can look like a beautiful modern obelisk, then open up in a patio set with a table, two chairs and two armchairs. It is designed by Franck Ligthart and if you like modern looking furniture it is a pleasure to the eye. Plastic is no longer what you hide away anymore.

Obelisk No Ordinary Plastic FurnitureBut plastic is not for everybody and the more traditional souls will find their pleasure in the romantic atmosphere that can be created with a wrought iron patio set. Easy to care for, taking little space, sturdy and long lasting, it is ideal for people who do not have much space to display or store their patio set. It will require some upkeep to keep it from rusting but today's finishes are very protective. Colors are still limited but it can be fitted with beautiful color cushions and umbrellas or other accessories for a complete redo of the decor.

The most natural look will of course be provided by wood patio sets. If wood is your material of choice, you should give preference to exotic woods like teak or iroko. More expensive to purchase than other local woods, they do offer so many advantages of longevity, maintenance, and esthetic that you will never regret the extra you spent when choosing your outdoor furniture.

Rattan and bamboo are still popular choices, refined and in harmony with nature these luxurious materials are also very resistant. It is however necessary to keep them away from too much humidity and they might not be the best choice if you live in an area with much rainfall. You will also have to find a dry place for these sets during the winter months.

Classic or romantic, traditional or modern, fit your garden with the patio sets that will give you years of pleasure, and make your summers outdoors memories to keep and cherish.