This fall is the beginning of the year of the ereader and etextbook. With the start of this school year digital texts are becoming mainstream. We all know about the amazing features of Amazons newest e reader the Kindle DX. Amazon's DX will be a challenger in the etextbook game.

The screen of the DX is just right for enjoying e textbooks. With native PDF support and the ability to browse charts and graphs with a mechanically adjusting display the DX is well matched for reading etexts.

In fact, this Fall, Amazon is even running a test program, using Kindle e textbooks, at 6 college campuses. Each school will get 50 pilot units and will be encouraged to share feedback. Because there is such an expansive selection of e textbooks offered, more than just the test students will be using the DX this semester.

There are other ebook readers on the horizon as well. ETextbook stores are popping up all over the Internet. One of the sizable ones is iChapters. They offer a distinctive angle on e textbooks. You can choose single chapters with iChapters so you won't have to download the whole text. Many times so many chapters go unused.

They also had a new promotional competition where fortunate students could win free of charge textbooks just for signing up. Obviously, the e textbook is not going away.

Not to be outdone is CourseSmart. They offer a subscription service, so you can subscribe to each course book you want for that quarter. You can download the book anytime and use it for the semester. You can even wait until the last minute and download in class.

Another big participant in the act is eCampus they are one of the oldest and most recognized online textbook retailers, and there is no way they are letting the e textbook development pass them by. They have an intuitive website that makes purchasing simple.

Public schools have no plans of missing out. In June, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger declared the digital text book initiative. A Southern California High School will be using etextbooks for mathematics and science. Sooner or later this will roll out to other schools and subjects as well.

This should realize a savings of millions per year. Soon other States will want to save in educational costs as well. This will not only save cash but will make updates easier and provide the participants with more up to date information. This autumn is the beginning of a new era in digital text. Soon they will be a well known thing in schools across the country.