It's easy to write for Mahalo. Mahalo means "thank you" in Hawai'ian. I believe the site is named that because people are grateful for the information they get. To get started on Mahalo, the first thing I did was look for the site. Most computers these days have a window for search engines. Type "Mahalo" in the search engine window, and the website will come up on the first page. From there click to enter the site. If you do not have a search engine window in your current operating system than go to a search engine manually. Some of the most popular are Google, which can be found at, yahoo which can be found at, and Bing which is located at Type one of these addresses into your address bar, and then put Mahalo into the search spot and hit the enter button. After reaching the Mahalo site once, you can chose to "bookmark" the site, which will keep it handy for you if you want to return.

Once you are at the Mahalo site you will be greeted with three spaces to fill in:

1) User name

2) Email address

3) Passcode

I picked msmuffintop as my user name for the sake of consistency. You can make up any name. If you want you can use your real name. After you have established a user name, an email will be sent to your address from Mahalo. The email you receive will have a link embedded in it. Click on the link to verify that you are the person who signed up. After you verify yourself, you don't have to do it again. From then on, you can go directly to the Mahalo site and log on using your user name and passcode.

What happens from there is up to you. You can ask questions if you want. You can ask any kind of questions. There are categories for arts, health, games, TV shows, money, finance and more. Like a lot of websites it is trying to cover as much information as possible. Of course you can always do research by hitting, the world's largest encyclopedia which is updated constantly. The main difference is you can ask really specific questions at Mahalo.

If you aren't interested in asking a question, another option is to a answer questions. You can click on "unanswered" questions to be the first. I saw a question, for example, asking what are some natural cures for a headache. (Except "ache" was misspelled.) My former husband suffered mightily from headaches, at least 2 week, and sometimes his headaches lasted more than a day, so I happened to be a bit expert in that department. The truth is, for a person who suffers debilitating headaches, like Howard, lifestyle changes are in order. After all, being down with a headache 3 or 4 days out of a week makes holding any kind of regular job impossible. In the time I knew him he either worked for himself, or was an onsite building manager.

I assumed the person was referring to an occasional headache because there wasn't any specific information. A regular headache can be cured naturally with vitamin C, relaxation, drinking water, and sometimes by quiet meditation. I have also seen people who are sensitive to it get results from smells such as peppermint and rosemary. A person getting headaches like my former husband however, would do well to try to figure out the root cause.

I had another friend with debilitating headaches get significant relief from switching to whole foods diet. She ate anything she liked as long she prepared it herself, and did not use MSG. I suspect things such as pollen, or smog, noise, or altitude (we lived at 8,000 feet) also effected chronic headache sufferers, not to mention stress.

It seems if you answer enough questions, and answer them well you can actually make some money on this website Mahalo. Called "tips" the money is paid through Paypal. If you do not have a paypal account, it is simple to create, takes less than a minute, and anyone with an email address can receive money via paypal. If you have never had one before, you may find it a convenient way to send money and pay for things on websites that allow for it as a payment method. Unlike a straight credit card, paypal is an electronic payment system that allows you to pull money from a number of different sources. You can connect it directly to your account to a bank account, and thus pay on line without even owning a credit card, and as an alternative, you can also connect credit cards to the very same paypal account. In addition, paypal has a few programs of its own. If your credit is good you may be eligible for paypal "pay later" that gives you up to 90 days interest free credit, or a paypal credit card, or a paypal debit card.

To make money on Mahalo, though you have to be kind of snap. It looks like the people making the most money have done some research into their answers. Some of the answers include pictures and media, some are full essays of information. On the other hand, there don't seem to be any restrictions on the writing being original. So I suppose if you have done all your homework for an informative article on eHow, or and the article you have already written matches a question asked on Mahalo, nothing would stop you from cut and pasting it onto their site.

I earned 67 "points" while I was noodling around on their site answering random questions. Points do not seem to be the same thing as tips. "Tips" have a dollar sign in front of them, indicating a real money value. "Points" is apparently just points for participating in the Mahalo community. Similar to, some of the prolific writers for Mahalo have fans, feeds and cross promote via Facebook, Twitter and a couple other social networking sites.