If you could make more money by doing research wouldn’t you do it?  When selling products on EBay it is all about making a profit.  Without a profit there is no business.  If you want to succeed with your EBay business then taking some time out of your busy schedule will pay.  Once you get in the swing of doing research on a regular basis you will see that it is well worth the time you spend.

Product Research

One of the things you should research on a regular basis is your product.  You can learn a lot of very valuable information just on the product you are selling or are thinking about selling.  By doing searches you can learn if a certain product is popular, what people are willing to pay for it, and when it sells the best. 

If you are thinking about starting an eBay business and you haven’t decided on the product yet, you can do a search for the most popular products.  You will be able to see the average price of that product that people are paying.  Some people shop online when they are at work, but there are certain products that they are shopping for.  At home when they are through with work they may shop on EBay for a totally different product.  You will be able to see what sells best at certain times of the day and night.  Some products are seasonal.  They will sell great at different times of the year and won’t sell other times of the year.  Take for example Christmas tree ornaments.  Christmas ornaments will sell great in the late fall and early winter months.  People will want these products before Christmas arrives.  Once Christmas is over, this product will not sell well.  Summer months are better left to sell something else.  People don’t think about Christmas in July.  Now that doesn’t mean a “clearance sale” wouldn’t sell some ornaments for a reduced price.

Learn what prices are best for a certain product.  If you are thinking about selling something on EBay you will want to know what people are willing to pay for it.  You can learn the average selling price for a product as well as the highest price people are willing to pay for it.  You will then need to decide whether you want to sell for the average price and sell more products or sell for a higher price.  A higher price will not sell as much of the product but your profit on each product will be higher.  By doing research you will be able to see what option will gross the most profit for you.

Your Listing

Before you start selling your product you will have to make up a listing that advertises it.  You will want to catch the buyer’s eye, and draw them to your listing.  Make your listing stand out against the competition.  EBay offers many features which you can purchase for small fees.  They also give you a few features that are free.  Does it pay to add the features you must pay for?  If you can draw more buyers to your product listing wouldn’t it be worth the extra money you spend?  These are all questions that can be answered by doing research on EBay charges and fees.  Research can even determine what the best starting asking price is.

Doing Research

When should you do research?  How often should you research?  Even though you are busy you are going to want to research on a regular basis.  Set aside an hour or two each week to do your research.  By doing research often you will be able to stay on top of what is happening with the product you wish to sell.  Know everything there is to know that will help with your EBay business.  You will if you research often.  You will see that it pays to do EBay research.