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Full Review

Online writers are always looking for ways to diversify. There are so many online sites, many of which claim to offer opportunities to write and make money but many do not fulfil their promises. is one of the main sites that I have enjoyed writing for over the last two or three years.

In the last year or so it has undergone various changes. In order to stay competitive such sites do need to keep updating them selves. However they must not lose sight of why they have been so attractive to writers in the first place.

As always amongst the many improvements there have been some changes that do not work as well. However on the whole the site is more user friendly than ever before. I have read other people experiences of Helium where the writer has stated that earnings were hard to achieve on However I have to disagree.

As with most of these sites as long as you write within the guidlines you should fare well.

Remember also though that all sites where you might write for money require some committment on your part. If you write a few articles once in a while you will not be successful.

There are many ways to make money at

Helium offers so many ways for its members to reap rewards. Unlike other review writing online sites, Helium has more of a professional feel. Other sites will accept and promote second-rate articles, that may be badly written or constructed. Helium, on the other hand, will actively encourage its members to improve and write quality articles.

Having been a member of Helium for a few of years now, I have certainly seen some changes. Initially, there were times when Helium ha insufficient articlesfor members to even rate. A member would rate one or two articles and then receive a message saying that there were no more articles to rate at this time. With Helium's ever increasing membership there is no chance of such happenings these days.

Here are what I feel are some of the benefits of writing for Helium.

Tall oaks from small acorns grow.

This adage is so true with When you first start writing for Helium it can be easy to feel discouraged. Unless you write for the competitions or marketplace, and have success, your earnings may seem paltry.

However, as long as you remain an active member of Helium your articles will carry on earning for you, ad infinitum. Over time these articles can be updated and improved so that their earning potential may be limitless.

Join in or not? The choice is yours.

Many review writing sites require active community activity in order for you to prosper. Although Helium had a community the site did not push members to join in. Personally I liked this. Recent changes though have increased networking and the like which for me is a downside.

Time is sometimes in short supply and Helium used to make allowances for this. You did not have to spend every spare minute making on-line friends, just to survive on Helium. I found that, although I only joined in when time permitted, I still felt a fully fledged part of the Helium community. Whether this will be true in the future I do not know.

A wealth of opportunities.

As I have already touched upon Helium offers its writers many ways to earn money.

As Helium has grown so have the opportunities to make some money, express your opinions, market yourself and have some fun. Helium's tools are constantly being updated and these days there is:-

  • Betaville, where members can establish there own on-line zones, start up a forum, join other members groups or broaden their outlook with the huge amount of information available. Betaville is a fairly new concept on Helium but is now firmly established. Payments will hopefully soon be forthcoming for this activity.
  • You can place Google Ads on your zones and How To Guides in order to recive affiliate earnings.
  • With a community of writers creating How To Guides, you need to prove your worth to take part.
  • The marketplace where publishers offer titles for Helium members to write on. There are time, word and content rules, plus deadlines, with these titles but the payment can be anything from a few dollars to a couple of hundred dollars.
  • Helium's contests. Nowadays Helium usually has quite a few contests running at once. There are only normally cash prizes for the top three articles in each category but all the contest articles will accrue the normal rates and earnings which ordinary articles do.
  • The stock content programme is another recent innovation on This helps Helium writers make money in a different way. If publishers read and take a fancy to one of your articles you will receive 5 dollars. Helium do not however sell the rights to your article, which will remain yours. This means that your article will stay on Helium and continue earning for you. This is one of the reasons why it is important to leapfrog articles to improve them whenever possible.

Freedom of expression is to my mind one of the best opportunities of Helium. To be able to express your feelings and opinions can be very empowering. To get paid for them as well is just fabulous.


Although Helium does like members to display a photograph of themselves, along with a little personal information, this is not compulsory. If members do include such information on their own Helium Homepage page, it is still possible to remain fairly anonymous. Of course, if you write about very personal information and post a current photograph of yourself, readers may soon discover your identity. However, if you write under a sensible pen name you will remain semi-anonymous.

Rating articles anonymously is, to my mind, one of the big bonuses about Helium. Many other review writing sites encourage their community spirit so much that people will seek out and read and rate friend's articles. This can mean that tit for tat rates award higher status to articles that are undeserving. Helium seems much more of a democracy in this and other ways. When you rate articles you have no idea whose they are unless you make a tremendous effort and find out.

Writing and Rating Stars and Badges.

For those that like to see some sort of acknowledgement, for their achievements, the stars and badges will fulfil this. Now that Helium have started a star system members have a goal to strive for. The star system ensures that people remember to rate as well as write, so that the best articles find their way to the top.

Most of us find writing more pleasurable than reading and rating, but rating is a necessary task. For people who like to receive awards and certificates the writing and rating stars offer an incentive similar to receiving such awards. These days, as well, members need to rate at least a little in order to earn money.

Check out Helium's guidelines to make sure that you have done enough to earn money from your work. These rules do keep changing unfortunately.

Extending Helium's database.

With a bonus being currently paid to writing on certain empty titles, member's earnings potentials have grown again. Of course the upshot of this is that Helium now has a huge website with information available on a wide variety of subjects.

The growth of Helium.

Helium is becoming a force to be reckoned with on-line and so is a great place to be a member. Members are American, UK and Canadian citizens, and more. Helium is definitely a great writing source and opens its arms to anyone who is looking for a place to write.


Increased earnings are possible by referring friends, family and colleagues to join Helium using your link.


Payments are made via paypal, once you have at least 25 dollars in your account. Once you have written well for this is soon achieved. You can claim as soon as you hit 25 dollars or let your earnings accrue. Payments are only sent once a month though. Helium payments are made and cleared promptly in your paypal account, hassle free.

In Closing

Well as my article shows Helium is one of the websites which I enjoy. It has gone from one of many sites that I occasionally visit, to one of my top writing sites.

Remember that to make any money on Helium you will need to make a serious committment to writing for them. Once you have laid down a decent sized portfolio of articles on Helium you can ease off.

Helium is addictive, entertaining, vibrant, current and the place to be for writers. Enjoy the benefits and happy writing.