No! As with most things that seem to be too good to be true getting your motor oil and the cheap is asking for trouble in the long-term. It's true there's no such thing as a cheap oil change because the compromise on the quality of oil used to save a few dollars it's a foolish mistake. Let's have a look why.

When you choose a cheap oil you've missed out on critical ingredient. The additives in branded oil are key to making the engine work correctly. Additives have many jobs to perform and some oils contain up to 40 different ones but the most important additives as far as we are concerned are the viscosity modifiers. Viscosity is a measure of the thickness of motor oil and is additives are used to make sure oil doesn't become so thick that it cannot flow in cold weather. If the oil cannot flow the car has difficulty starting and can be damaged as the pistons and bearings move without sufficient lubrication in the first few moments after the engine starts.

You can of course find an oil change coupon to help with the cost but the best way to save money is to change the oil yourself. This is one of these simpler car mechanic jobs to do, all you need is some simple equipment.

First you will need some ramps to lift the car off the ground safely and a set of chocks to hold the rear wheels in position. Of course you must apply the handbrake tightly too. Links to need a container to catch the motor oil as it comes out of the oil pan. You can buy a specialised container called an oil drain pan for this job or you can use a plastic container of your own choosing as long as it has enough capacity to hold all the motor oil in your engine. Finally you will need an oil filter wrench to remove the filter has this had to be replaced at the same time also. Some filters are disposable others can be cleaned but a lot of old oil is held in the filter.

Although these items cost money you will recoup the cost if you change your oil yourself several times. However, if you're not sure how to proceed or are nervous about working on your car seek help from a professional. If you have a friend who knows how to do it they may already have the equipment and might be willing to help you. They'll probably even enjoy it if they are into car mechanics and this is the only safe way to get a cheap oil change.