A Cat MatA Brat MatFlip Flop Mat

Whether it boasts a Cat, or a Brat, or Flip Flops or Hip Hops, or a Shirt or a Skirt, Auto Floor Mats are proving they can be anything. Pretty much anything you or they can come up with.

With lots of different logo designs with schools and teams and hobbies, they are a pretty awesome tool at advertising who we are. And what makes us passionate! They have definitely moved beyond the old black rubber jobbies that graced car floors for years, and the cut shag carpet pieces so many of us stuck down there in the 60's and 70's! Those were good for about a third of a Michigan Winter before they were a soggy mess. And, like some modern day mats, were forever getting stuck in the pedals! Back then, though, you could yank them back with a quick jerk of your foot, and problem solved.

There are mountains of websites out there selling these mats, and probably just as many mountains of consumers gobbling them up! Thankfully, the mats are not only more creative in design, but are also made better, fit better, and do a much better job of keeping out or containing all the moisture. There are cargo storage compartments and systems too that can hold onto all of our gear, so it doesn't ramble all over the car! It's all getting to be pretty cool.

And nowdays, you can get matching seat covers, head rest covers, visor CD holder covers, steering wheel covers, sun shades, dash mats, and more, all coordinated. Of course they also have the hanging air fresheners, picture holders, and key chains to go with! Why I can remember when you were lucky if the interior of your car actually went with the color of the exterior!! Even if they were both red, chances were pretty good that the shades of red didn't match up!

Will the next step in the evolutional chain of the automotive mat be a custom Hello Kitty paint job? Complete with that big white furball with the red bowtie stapled on her ear, decorating the outside of the car? I can easily see it making its way onto the car doors for sure. And the trunk and the hood aren't that far outside of my imagination either!

Or is the interior of our cars too sacred? Perhaps it's better that those flip flops are our little secret while we're driving down the road...