Looking for some nice ceramic drawer pulls or knobs for the cabinetry or furniture in your home? If not maybe you should. Italian ceramic is a beautiful material that is different that the typical cheap dresser handles, crystal drawer knobs, porcelain door knobs that most people think of when redecorating a home.

Ceramic has been long associated with pottery and art but these days many ornate and decorative pieces of hardware can also be found in ceramic styles. Ceramic can be plain white or even be painted to match any color scheme or interior design pattern.

Ceramic is also ideal for it's uniqueness not only because it is different than what most people use on their cabinets but because the material is still affordable. Unlike crystal drawer pulls or antique drawer handles made of metals like iron or bronze, ceramic hardware and fixtures can usually rival the casts of many discount metal options like aged bronze, brass, or even wood.

Shopping Tips For Finding Ceramic Drawer Pulls

If you are looking to buy a set of ceramic knobs for your furniture or cabinetry you need to understand that like any other type of material there are cheap options available and expensive options. Similarly there are novelty items like zebra print ceramic pulls or cartoon character knobs and pulls designed for children.

On the other end of the spectrum there are extremely ornate drawer pulls made of ceramic which are designed with a vintage inspiration. Some of these are shaped interestingly like a star shaped drawer pull and some are simply designed to incorporate different types of materials such as gold trim or crystal.

If you are looking for replacement furniture pulls for your everyday home use then you may want to steer clear of these specialty items and stick to the basics. A plain white ceramic pull can easily be painted or decorated yourself or can simply exist with no ornamentation. Other simple styles of ceramic hardware can be used as well and this will help keep your replacement hardware costs down too.

Cheap Ceramic Cabinet Knobs

Most shoppers are not looking for the best or the cheapest items for sale but everyone wants to get a good deal. Usually you can be relatively safe in betting that you can get a high quality item if you pay a little bit more than the cheapest option on the market. Generally you don't have to find the most expensive item to find the best quality or the best deal and with ceramic cabinet hardware it is no different.

Italian Ceramic Drawer KnobsThis Italian ceramic drawer knob is probably one of the most beautiful knobs in Italian ceramic but it does cost quite a bit more than typical ceramic knobs. If you really do want the best then shopping around for these types of pieces is definitely the way to go.

If on the other hand you simply want a cheap set of ceramic knobs then you can easily shop through the massive collection of options listed over on Amazon. Because Amazon partners with so many different independent companies and manufacturers you can usually find an amazing variety of products in any category just by browsing though tier listings.

Cheap ceramic knobs often come in white with decorations painted on them but they can also be found in pure white form for you to decorate yourself or leave as is. Cheap ceramic knobs typically can see in the $2-$7 range with the higher quality knobs in the $5-$10 range.

For people with small sets of cabinets or small pieces of furniture to revamp or repair buying a set of knobs at this price is totally acceptable. Certain older or vintage pieces of furniture may be better suited to the true Italian ceramic hardware but this is not in everybody's price range.

Things To Keep In Mind

There's not a lot of other things to keep in mind when shopping for ceramic hardware. Shopping for these items will be a lot like shopping for other kinds of cabinet knobs and pulls except that finding high quality ceramic pieces in retail stores close to home may be more difficult. Most shoppers for replacement knobs and pulls tend to stick with metals like brass, steel, brushed nickel, or with materials like wood or plastic.

Specialty items like ceramic, porcelain, and crystal can be much harder to find in normal stores in any significant variety due to their demand in the general population. If you want to buy ceramic for your furniture or cabinet restorations then you are going to be much better served by reserving your shopping to the major online retailers like Amazon or to major specialty hardware stores like Signature Hardware or Corbel & Mantel which can give you mare variety to get a closer match to what you really want in your home.