You can show the world your true colors but with Italian charms. Italian charm bracelets are absolutely unique, because you design them to fit your personality, or whatever it is you want to say. An Italian charm watch or bracelet will tell everyone exactly what you are all about at first glance.

Regular charm bracelets have either slide on charms, like Pandora charm bracelets, or ones that you have to attach with a jumping. Italian charms are completely different. They are square shaped, and are flat. Like other types of charms, there are tons of different designs. An Italian charm bracelet can be made up of the same type of charms, such one kind of sport you like, or maybe flowers. You can design them to be seasonal pieces, too, if you like to wear jewelry that matches whatever time of the year it is.

If you want to make your Italian charm bracelet extra special, you can make it into a "memory bracelet". Just look for a new charm every time you have a special event in your life that you want to remember that represents the event, like a baby bootie for the day you had your first baby, or a musical note for the first concert you ever went to, and so on. You will eventually end up with an Italian charm bracelet full of memories that you will cherish forever.

Adding to your Italian charm bracelet it the easiest thing in the world. The charms come with little spring mechanisms on the backs of them, and you hook them into the other links on your bracelet. They will sort of snap into place for you. You will need to get a started bracelet first, and add links to it as you collect them. Of course depending on your wrist size, you will need between 14 and 18 charms. Quality manufacturers are usually best to stick with, like Zoppini, because you can be sure the links will stay in place. You don't want to lose any of your precious Italian charms!

If you never want to look just like everyone else, to have the same exact jewelry everyone else has, then Italian charms are for you! There are so many to choose from, you will be assured your bracelet will never look just like anybody else's. They look so good with everything; you can wear them with diamond earring studs or cubic zirconia rings, or whatever else you have. The best thing about them is when you are done assembling your bracelet with italian charms, you will have a wonderful piece of jewelry that is uniquely yours.