Italian gift baskets are delicious snacks to purchase for a friend or relative. Italian cheese gift baskets can make great gifts for adults and children. Cheese gift baskets can be used for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, get well soon gifts, or any other special occasion used as a gift. If you're completely stuck on what to get someone, then purchasing Italian cheese gift baskets can usually make for a good gift. It sure beats getting someone something that you have no clue whether or not they'll like it. Everyone can enjoy gift baskets of delicious gourmet Italian foods and snacks. Down below is a list of different Italian cheese gift baskets to purchase online for good prices. Even men can enjoy Italian gift baskets. Men love Italian gourmet foods.

Meat and Italian Cheese Gift Baskets

This is a great gourmet Italian gift basket that's going for a really cheap price. Meat and cheese gift baskets go well together. Some of the more popular Italian cheeses are included in the gift basket. Italian cheeses that include grana padano, asiago D'allevo, and percarino ramano cheese. The gourmet Italian gift basket is complimented with a delicious Columbus herb salame. Meat and Italian cheese gift baskets are perfect for men in particularly. Men love salame. It's a good gift basket for men or women though. You can purchase these meat and Italian cheese gift baskets at meijer for just $59.99.

The Italian Primer Gift Basket is loaded with meats, Italian cheeses, and other delicious goodies to snack on. The meats included are prosciutto and Italian salame. The Italian cheeses included are provolone Piccante, Monte veronese, gorgonzola, Boschetto al Tartufo and Bianchetto. These Italian cheese gift baskets also include Italian crostini crackers, cantuccini biscotti, chocolate truffles, profiteroles, tiramisu, extra olive oil and balsamic vinegar di Modena. These are great Italian gift baskets going for $149.99 at igourmet.

The Classic Gourmet Cheese Gift Basket contains beef sausage along with a variety of delicious cheese spreads. The cheese spreads included are Italia cheese spread with red peppers, grape cluster cheese spread, feta & black olive flavored cheese spread, and garden vegetable cheese spread. These cheese gift baskets include delicious cheeses like Edel swiss cheese, cheese N onion flavored cheese and gouda cheese. Other snacks included are Cherrington Farms water cracks, wine crackers, Italian bite sized breadsticks with sesames, cinnamon roasted cashews, pesto cheese bites, and wine biscuits. You can purchase this Italian cheese gift basket at amazon for just $59.99. A great price for a gourmet Italian gift basket containing delicious food necessities.

Italian Wine and Italian Cheese Gift Baskets

Italian wine sure goes good with Italian gift baskets. Italian gift baskets that contais quality red wines are perfect for adults. If you're looking for a cheese spread gift basket, then the Italian Themed - Thank You & Wine Gift Basket is being sold online for cheap prices. It contains Banfi Col di Sasso Toscana IGT 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon & Sangiovese Blend red wine. The snacks included are Italia cheese spread with red peppers, focaccia crisps, milk chocolates, double chocolate decadence biscotti, pasta shoppe vineyard style pasta, Italian breadsticks, and Los Olivos wine & cheese biscuits. It comes with a ribbon saying "thank you" which can be used as a thank you gift basket. You can use it for other occasions as well. You can just take off the ribbon and still use the Italian gift basket for Christmas, birthdays, or any other special occasion. You can purchase online at wow gift baskets and Prices go between $55-$60 at these online stores.

Italian Cheese Gift Baskets with Spreads, Crackers, Meats and Nuts

If you really want to make a big impression, then the Lasting Impressions: Gourmet Cheese Gift Basket is loaded with all kinds of cheeses, spreads, crackers, meats, and nuts. The spreads included are garden vegetable, cheese spread, grape cluster cheese spread, and camembert cheese spread. The cheeses included are feta & black olive cheese, cheese N onion flavored cheese, gouda cheese, cheddar cheese, swiss cheese, Old Hickory flavored cheese, spinach & artichoke cheese and brie cheese. The crackers included are roasted onion crackers, Monet mint classic original crackers, and Cherrington Farms water crackers. The gourmet italian gift basket comes with salmon and smokey beef sausage. Other snacks included are pesto cheese bites, roasted peanuts, bite sized breadsticks, and wine biscuits. You can send a personal message. These Italian cheese gift baskets are only going for $159.99 at