If you know an Italian pasta lover, then what better gift idea than Italian pasta gift baskets. Pasta gift baskets that contain marinara sauces, alfredo sauces, cheeses, and pasta noodles are terrific gift ideas for all adults. Italian pasta gift baskets can be used for just about anyone who enjoys an Italian gourmet meal. Whether you're searching for alfredo, or marinara sauce pasta gift baskets, there are variety of delicious Italian pasta gift baskets to purchase online. Pasta gift baskets that can make a full delicious Italian dinner for an entire family. Everyone loves food and Italian food gift baskets can make for a perfect gifts for close friends or relatives for Christmas, birthdays, or any other special occasion.

Italian Pasta Gift Baskets to Buy

What's Cooking Pasta Gift Basket contains a complete meal of pasta foods that can be used to cook a delicious Italian dinner. Even cooking utensils and desserts are included in this Italian food gift basket. The gift basket includes cheese, brushetta crackers, Colavita marinara sauce, pasta, a wooden cutting board, a kitchen towel, and chocolates. It's a very cheap and affordable Italian gift basket that can be purchased online at aagiftsandbaskets.com for just $46 dollars. Just a simple but nice pasta gift basket to purchase.

If you're looking for authentic tasting Italian pasta gift baskets to buy, then the Pasta Classic Gift Basket is an excellent gift to purchase for authentic Italian lovers of fine taste. Good tasting gravies found in jars are hard to find. Most Italians frown up jarred gravy. However, the Italian gift basket comes with Ceriello pasta sauce, which is an authentic Italian gravy that was made in New York. Fresh plum tomatoes that are hand crushed are used for the gravy. Popular Italian spices like parsley and basil is included in the gourmet sauce. The Maestri pastai pastas which is produced to taste like handmade pasta is included, along with Olio Carli extra virgin olive oil that comes with a durable 5 quart colander. You can purchase online for just $49.99 at amazon, cooking.com, and igourmet.

Italian Pasta Gift Baskets with Wine

When you think of Italian gift baskets with pasta and cheese in a great gourmet Italian gift basket, then a good wine is often required to compliment a gourmet Italian cuisine. The Italian Delight Wine Gift Basket includes all the pastas, sauces, and foods for a delicious Italian dinner. The wine gift basket is a bit expensive. It comes with a collection of Italian foods and sauces to make multi-meals. The pasta sauces included are Elena's marinara sauce, Elena's pasta sauce, Amore pesto paste, Amore tomato paste, California harvest marinated yellow sundried tomatoes and a Stonewall kitchen maple chipotle sauce. The gift basket also includeds a cheese grater, straccali chianti, vineyards oil, a chocolate macadamia bar, Elena's rainbow gemelli, romano cheese and breadsticks. You can purchase the Italian pasta gift basket online at topnotchgiftshop.com for $199.

Alfredo Italian Pasta Gift Baskets to Buy

Alfredo sauce is a popular and very delicious gravy used for Italian pasta. Chicken alfredo is one of my favorite pasta dishes. The Viva Italiano Italian Gift Basket features an Alfredo gourmet pasta sauce. It also features a mushroom pasta sauce with Pinot Noir wine. Viva Italiano pasta gift baskets also include sun dried tomato & herb bread dipper seasoning mix, wine biscuits with cheese, parmesan breadsticks, wine flavored cheddar, focaccia crisps Italian crackers, Italian pasta salad, fettuccine pasta, artisan pasta, and a linguine spoon. It's a heavily stocked Italian pasta gift basket that contains numerous of Italian foods to make more than one Italian meal. You can purchase online at sobongo.com for $89.99.

The Dinner for 2 Gift Basket is a really nice date gift for a romantic Italian meal for two. If you're trying to impress a girl, purchasing the Dinner for 2 Gift Basket, then cooking a delicious Italian meal can really impress her. Women can also purchase this gift for men. Men obviously love Italian food. These are pretty cheap Italian pasta gift baskets that can be used for any special occasion. A wooden spaghetti spoon and a regular wooden spoon is included. The gift basket comes with a mixed alfredo, marinara, and pesto sauce combination. Other Italian foods included are green olives, vermouth spiked tipsy onions, Amaretto Liqueur cake for dessert, homemade rainbow angel hair pasta, olive oil, and sweet red pepper tapenade. You can purchase online at american-flag.com for just $47.99.