Discover the Places and History that Makes Italy a Unique Country


Italy, a country brimming in history, culture, magnificent architecture, pasta, and wine, is one of the most visited countries in the world. It is also known for its Roman Catholic roots. Italy is an interesting country that houses great art, food, diverse countryside, and not to forget its flamboyant fashion. It has contributed largely to the formation of the Western culture and it's not showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon. Italy is a mysterious and romantic country and you should be able to find out more about this interesting country with the information provided below.


The people in Italy may share the same language and religion but their culture, politics, and economy are as diverse as any country in the world. Despite being a small country, Italy is one of the most populated countries in Europe. The minority settlers are composed mainly of the Slovenes, German-speaking people, Albanian, and Greek, among others. Most citizens practice Roman Catholicism, although a small portion of its population practice different kinds of religions since its constitutional law allows freedom of religion.

The southern part of the Italian Peninsula was populated by the early Greek settlers in the 7th and 8th century BC, while the central and northern parts were populated by the Romans and Etruscans. They were later united under the Roman Republic and by the turn of another century the Roman Empire controlled the Mediterranean world. However, the collapse of the once powerful empire in the 5th century AD had left the peninsula and neighboring islands weak and scattered. Since then, it was ravaged by political ambitions and invasions of foreign powers.


The Popes of Rome held the ultimate power in central Italy and their war with the Roman Emperors who did not bow down to them made the country a constant battleground. The Renaissance had somewhat mellowed the political rivalries and it had been the driving force during its decline in the 16th century. In the earlier years of the 19th century, Italy was reunified and Rome soon became part of it in 1870. It was run under a constitutional monarchy from 1870 to 1922.

When Benito Mussolini gained power in 1922, Italy was put under a fascist dictatorship with much of its freedom curtailed by its leader. But Mussolini was ousted following the Allied invasion and he was replaced by Marshal Pietro Bagdolio. But the German occupation that prevailed in most parts of Italy free Mussolini who then led a regime for a brief period of time in the north. Aggressive resistance movement finally put an end to German occupation and monarchy was abolished in 1946. The 1947 treaty made Italy surrendered some of its territories and islands.

Main Tourist Attractions

Tourist attractions in Italy speak for its cultural background and history. Going to these places is like stepping back in time. From foods to fashion, Italy is a hub of old and modern traditions coming together. Here, you can find churches that are centuries old. The relics of ancient Rome such as the Roman Forum, Colosseum, and Pantheon reveal a powerful ancient civilization. Of course, a trip to Italy will not be complete without a tour to the Vatican City.

The city of Florence is another place the makes Italy an interesting tourist destination. Tuscany is a scenic place accentuated by hill towns and cities filled with historic marvels. Tuscany houses some of the most popular monuments in the world including the Duomo, Uffizi, David, and a lot more historical wonders. A trip to the local villages brings in a quiet landscape and friendly locals. San Gimignano is also known for its magnificent towers and it is one of the reasons visitors flock to Tuscany.


Venice conjures up images of endless canals, gondolas, the Piazza San Marco, and the Rialto Bridge. One can also never miss the fashion capital, Milan. Verona awakens the romantic story of Romeo and Juliet. The towns in San Remo and Imperio have been the destinations of many popular celebrities. The Italian Alps are another sight to behold and the cities of Naples, Saleno, and Sorrento offer idyllic sceneries and hospitable locals. You can truly relive ancient history by touring the various wonderful places in Italy.

Uniqueness of the Country

Whether you want to explore the serene villages, or relive the Roman era, or get romantic under the Tuscan sun, Italy is the place to be. What makes Italy a unique country is its devotion to food and wine that they can truly claim their own. Italy cannot escape its association with wine. It is not only one of the largest producers of wine but some of the most renowned names of wines have come from the fields of Italy. Its wonderful climate has made it ideal for good grapes to grow in abundance here.

Italy-Basilica Saint Mark

The Mediterranean beaches with their crystal clear water and romantic atmosphere make this country distinct from its European neighbors. A stroll along the streets of Venice provides you with a display of beautiful scenery, wonderful architecture, and world-class Italian art. St. Mark's Basilica is your free pass to world famous arts that are proudly crafted in Italy. The Roman culture is a mix of romance and mystery and that makes this country stand out from its European neighbors.


Italian culture is a huge influence in arts, fashion, food, architecture, and sports in general. Italians are passionate about football and the national team has even brought home four World Cup titles. Water polo is also another pastime for the rich and famous in Italy. Italians have always been fascinated with sports and they have managed to gain world recognition in other sports as well, such as basketball and auto racing.

Italy-Football (29204)

Food is one of Italy's prides. The mention of pizza, pasta, olive oil and wine has always been associated with Italy. Italian cuisine takes its inspirations from various cultures. Each region in Italy boasts of its own specialty and they have inspired chefs from all over the world to master Italian cooking. Meals are huge part of Italian tradition as these are moments when family and friends gather together not only to eat but to celebrate their hours together.

Italy-Food (29203)Italians like to celebrate their national events and festivals in a grand and elaborate way. Festivities are made up of an array of colors and pomp celebrations. Food and wine tasting, carnivals, dance, and music are always important part of any festivity. The Venetian carnival is a big celebration that goes on for ten days before the beginning of Ash Wednesday. Rice Festival and Walnut Festival are also not to be missed if you want to partake of special Italian dishes.