Getting a new wardrobe can be exciting as you enter into the summer.  Shopping for the  correct items for your wardrobe is crucial if you want to completely update your wardrobe and get rid of the items you no longer wear.

Shoes: During the summer you probably want to have a variety of shoes you can choose from in your wardrobe.  A nice pair of sandals for when you go out, a casual pair of flip flops for quickly walking outside with and a pair of tennis shoes is a good idea.  Make sure the color shoes you get go with all different outfits.  A good color dress sandals to get would be silver as it is a color that matches with a lot of different clothes.

Swimsuit: Finding the perfect swimsuit really depends on your body and your type of style.  Some women like two pieces and others like one piece swimsuits.  Some women like two pieced swimsuits but prefer tankinis so they can cover up their stomach and other areas of their body that they do not want to be exposed.  Swimsuit coverups is another thing to look for so you can cover up after your dip in the pool.

Shorts: Shorts are a must for summer, especially if you live in warm weather areas.  There are many different types of shorts you can choose from; jean shorts, athletic shorts or knee shorts.  Many women like plaid knee shorts in the summer as it has been a popular style the last couple of years.

Capris: Capris are perfect if you want something in between shorts and pants.  Capris go between the knee and ankle and are extremely comfortable on cool summer nights.  You can find athletic capris, or jeans.  There is also a wide variety of dress capris that will get you by at work or even church. 

Sundress: sundresses are perfect during the summer time.  They are nice if you are going for a casual look at a party or just want to go grocery shopping.  They are also nice to use as a coverup at the beach.  Many women love wearing sundresses because they find that they can get a good tan while wearing them because they are so exposed to the sun.

Sleeveless tops: Sleeveless tops are a must for summer.  Simply having t-shirts in your closet can get too warm because your arms are covered with your shirt.  Sleeveless tops are great as they keep you cool on a hot summer day and they are also a perfect clothing item to use for layering.

Strapless bra: This is an accessory for your summer wardrobe that you must have, especially if you plan on wearing a lot of tank tops and dresses.  Strapless bras, or at least one with removable straps is a good idea because others won’t have to see your neon green bra strap with your black sleeveless dress.

Khaki Pants: Even white pants are great for your summer wardrobe.  White pants and khakis look very cool and almost anything matches this color of pants.