These Thomas the Tank Engine Christmas Items Will Bring a Smile to a Child's Face

Christmas is one of the happiest times for kids.  Another happy time for kids is when they get to spend time and play with Thomas the Tank Engine.  Ever since Thomas first popped on the scene through the books of the Reverend W. Awdry children have fallen in love with the blue train, and with these Thomas the Tank Engine Christmas items, your can bring the happiness that Thomas the Train brings home for the holidays.

Thomas the Tank Engine Christmas Movies

Many people look forward to watching their favorite holiday movies.  Whether it is The Grinch, Charlie Brown, or Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer there is something special about watching a Christmas movie.  For kids, there are plenty of Thomas the Train Christmas movies to choose from.  Perhaps the best option is Thomas & Friends: Ultimate Christmas Collection.  It includes 9 episodes, 2 sing-along songs, 4 DVD games, and a read-along story.  If you do not want this big of a collection there are still many single episodes available.

Thomas the Tank Engine Electric Train Tracks

A great decoration for a Thomas the Train Christmas is a Thomas electric train track.  There are a lot of different tracks available in general, and there are several tracks that are geared towards a Christmas or Winter theme.

Thomas the Tank Engine Christmas Track

The track shown here is called TrackMaster Thomas's Christmas Delivery.  It is a snow covered track that has holiday lights, music, and decorations.  Included is a motorized Thomas engine, and a scene that features an ice rink, a Christmas tree, and a toy shop.  It is a great way for little Thomas fans to celebrate the Christmas season with one of their favorite television characters.

Thomas the Tank Engine Christmas Books

Thomas the Train was first introduced through books.  Through the years more and more Thomas books have been written, and that includes Christmas books.  Some of the most popular are Thomas's Christmas Delivery, Christmas in Wellsworth, and Thomas and the Christmas Tree.  There is even an Amazon Kindle version of Thomas & The Christmas Orange, which is a storybook advent calendar.

Thomas the Tank Engine Christmas Ornaments

If your little one wants to decorate the Christmas tree with Thomas the Train, there are Christmas ornaments that will fit the bill.  Amazon has a couple for sale, one from Carlton Cards and one from Hallmark.  The Carlton ornaments features Thomas on the tracks in a Christmas setting, and the Hallmark ornament is simply Thomas.

Thomas the Tank Engine Christmas Stockings

Hanging the stockings is something that many people look forward to at Christmas each year.  A Thomas the Train Christmas stocking is something that will make your little Thomas fans very happy.  You might have to search to find them, but Thomas stockings are available through websites like Etsy or Ebay.  If you are feeling crafty, you can always make one of your own!

Finding the Right Thomas the Tank Engine Christmas Items

Some of these items, like movies, tracks, and books can easily be found in stores.  But some of the more obscure items will be easier found online.  The good news is that if you are hoping to set up a Thomas the Tank Engine-themed room or home for Christmas, there are many options available for you to try.