There may be a crisis or an emergency in your area, or throughout the country where you will need specific items in your time of need.  Unfortunately, there isn’t an unlimited supply of these items and the following items will be the first to disappear off of a shelf at the store.  It is a good idea to stock up on these items before an emergency situation  takes places.

Water: Although good clean water may disappear off of the shelves quickly, it is a good idea to have a back up water filter in case you would need to filter water out of a faucet or elsewhere.  There are heavy duty filters that you can use to filter water out of a lake or a stream; something that you wouldn’t ordinarily drink out of without it being filtered.

Camp Stove: If something happens to your electricity in your house, you better hope that you are one of the first to the store to get a camp stove.  These will disappear quickly in a crisis.  You may have a grill to cook on, but how long will you be able to tolerate food cooked from a grill?  You better stock up on propane and fuel to power your camp stove, as well as a good set of cast iron pans.

Batteries: Everything these days take batteries.  Flashlights are a main item that you will need in a crisis.  Even if you have rechargeable batteries, how are you going to charge them without electricity?

Vitamins: Vitamins are crucial to staying healthy.  It is a good idea to stock up on them when you can.  Although they may be expensive, they will keep your immune system in tip top shape.  You can bet that these will be an item that disappear quickly off the shelves in a crisis.

Food: It is a fact that most grocery stores only have enough food on their shelves and in the back for about 3 days.  Usually grocery stores will have food coming in several times a week to keep their shelves well stocked.  Food is going to be one of the very first things to disappear off shelves.  You may want to think about investing in long term food storage.  There are delicious and nutritious dehydrated food that have a shelf life of 25 years.

Hygiene Products: Hygiene products will be the next to go quickly off shelves.  Toothbrushes, toilet paper, deodorant and soap will be items that are in high demand during an emergency situation.

Ammo: We are already seeing a limited supply of firearms and ammo.  After an outbreak of a crises, you won’t be able to walk in and out with a purchase of ammo from a sporting good store because there won’t be any left.  If there is ammo left, there will be a limit on how much you can buy.

Cigarettes: Many people rely on cigarettes to get through their long days at work.  Can you imagine how smokers will feel after they find out about a crisis taking place in their city?  Their first stop will be the gas station for cigarettes.  Lets hope for their sake that there are still some left in stock.

Carbon monoxide alarm: This may be a very good idea to have in case of an emergency.  When you are not heating your home the natural way and it gets cold you will have to somehow heat your house to stay warm.  You may want to use a small gas heater.  In this case, you will want a carbon monoxide alarm to detect any gas leaks.  This one item may save your family’s life.

Outerwear: If the disaster or crisis was anything like the latest hurricanes, who knows how long we will be without power or heat.  Coats, jackets, mittens, hats, scarves and boots will be in high demand with little to no supply.  If something happens during a warm season and carries out to a cool season, there may not be anything on the shelves.

Survival Handbooks: If you are thinking of roughing it in the woods, you will want to know what plants to stay away from, what berries are poisonous, how to scale a fish and how to clean a deer.  These are just some of the things you will learn in a survival handbook.  People who are not familiar with these survival skills will be looking for a handbook in hopes that they are not sold out yet.  Survival handbooks may be rare and may disappear quickly in a crisis.

Paper products: This point goes along with toilet paper.  Since we aren’t able to rely on electricity in our home, we won’t be able to cook and clean dishes properly.  Paper plates, napkins and plastic silverware will disappear quickly in a crisis.  You better stock up on these things while they are fully stock in the stores now.

Medicine: Whether it is pain relief or something as simple as band aids, medicinal products will quickly disappear rather quickly.  If you get a cut and don’t have a band aid it may be dangerous as the cut could become infected by using something that is not sterile.

Camping equipment: Some people may decide to tough it out and camp during this duration.  They may feel more comfortable surrounded by nature and they may want to get aware from the disoriented people.  Tents, blankets, sleeping bags and sleeping mats will all become rare because so many people will want to be camping instead of cooped up in their house without any electricity.  This means you will also want rain gear such as rain jackets, rain boots, sealant for your tent and ponchos.  Tarps are another good idea to have to cover your firewood or other materials when it rains.

These will be the first items to disappear quickly in a crisis.  Stocking up on the necessary items that you will use is a good idea.  As long as you are going to eventually use it, you can never have too much of one item.

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